[Column] Kabelo Makwane: Agriculture and its future on Mars

03-24-2020 | 14:08:00
Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services, from applications to storage and processing power, which is typically on a pay as you go basis over the internet.

How agritech is transforming Africa

03-24-2020 | 12:04:00
Food consumption in the African continent has been on a steady rise since 2016, according to a report from DownToEarth.

[Column] Clement Tulezi: Mitigating the impact of COVID -19 to Kenya’s floriculture industry

03-20-2020 | 14:31:00
The economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak has begun taking hold in Kenya. This is much more defined in agriculture, particularly the fresh produce industry.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: Reskilling workforce to embrace the fourth industrial revolution

03-20-2020 | 14:28:21
While automation and digital technologies are disrupting the workplace as we traditionally know it, it has become imperative for organizations to start reskilling their workforce.

[Column] Lawrence Haddad: What does food system transformation mean?

03-20-2020 | 12:44:37
I go to many meetings where the term "food system transformation" is bandied about. Sometimes the term goes unquestioned.

[Column] Soromfe Uzomah: Tech making it easier for SMEs to do business in Africa

03-20-2020 | 12:42:04
Last year’s World Bank Doing Business report indicate the overall business climate in sub-Saharan Africa is steadily improving.

[Column] Nteranya Sanginga: Africa’s locust outbreak exposes need for crop science on all fronts

03-18-2020 | 07:42:47
Behind every farmer dealing with a crop pest is a scientist who has supported them by developing better seeds, crop protection methods and apps to identify weeds.

[Startup Interview] Mathias Pwol, CEO, Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd, Nigeria

03-17-2020 | 14:22:45
Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd is a Nigeria startup that buys agricultural produce from farmers and supplies them to retail stores and markets. The CEO and founder Mathias Pwol explains.

[Column] John Woollam: Remote working in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

03-17-2020 | 13:06:48
With the coronavirus pandemic declared a national disaster in South Africa, businesses need to consider how they are going to maintain normal operations if employees are quarantined, or asked to stay home.

[Column] Lee Naik: Rediscovering humanity in a tech world

03-16-2020 | 14:06:54
From the Black Mirror series to the recent Terminator sequel, Hollywood keeps showing us pessimistic visions of the future.

[Column] Wandile Sihlobo: What South Africa’s bumper maize harvest portends for export market

03-16-2020 | 14:04:21
Amid the news flow of the coronavirus, there have been some positive developments on South Africa’s maize production front.

[Column] David Lupafya: Mobile network operators can drive the revival of agricultural sector

03-12-2020 | 14:10:00
The telecommunications industry is set to become an increasingly pivotal player in ensuring digital solutions are harnessed to boost productivity and competitiveness for the agriculture sector.

[Column] Stella Nordhagen: Empowering women throughout the food supply chain

03-12-2020 | 07:12:00
Over the past decade, there has been growing focus on empowering women in agriculture - and with good reason.

[Column] Andy Papastefanou: eSignatures- A modern system of agreement

03-12-2020 | 06:55:00
In the digital age, the world is innovating at an exponential rate. As 4IR drives digital transformation, electronic signatures are becoming ever more prevalent. Now the question arises; how does one prove consent?

[Startup Interview] Nathaniel Ndegwa, Managing Director, Tipping Point Media, Kenya

03-11-2020 | 13:44:00
Nathaniel Ndegwa is the Managing Director of Tipping Point Media, a Kenyan digital marketing startup that has now grown its clientele to 15 countries.

[Column] Andrew Skudder: Digital trends that will shape the construction industry in 2020

03-11-2020 | 13:09:00
From cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), to 5G and mobility, a key trend in 2020 is the accelerated digitization of construction companies.

[Column] Georgie Midgley: Gig economy can bolster job creation in Africa

03-11-2020 | 09:54:16
Artificial intelligence, blockchain architecture, robotics, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality - these concepts are all going to disrupt the way humans work, live and interact.

[Column] Steve Tzikakis: Moving from improving customer's experience to revolutionizing it

03-10-2020 | 15:12:00
Senior business leaders often ask me what new technology they should be investing in to improve their customer experience and loyalty.

[Column] Nancy Kiarie: Women in the digital gig economy

03-10-2020 | 08:23:50
The world is increasingly going digital and technology that could only be imagined a decade ago is now reality.

[Startup Interview] Uju Ojinnaka, CEO, Traders of Africa, Nigeria

03-06-2020 | 15:29:00
As globalization increasingly opens borders of trade for Africa, Traders of Africa, a Nigerian startup is offering the continent’s farmers and traders an opportunity to tap into this goldmine through an online marketplace.