[Column] Soromfe Uzomah: How global disruption can have local implications

07-25-2020 | 16:32:36
The global impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had not only on public health, but on business, cannot be underestimated. It’s prudent to consider the impact such a global disruption of trade has on small and medium businesses.

[Column] James Bayhack: The value of mobile marketing cloud technology

07-23-2020 | 08:46:00
Marketing ultimately drives the sales of any business. Without it, many companies wouldn't sell their products or services and wouldn't survive in a highly competitive environment.

Agriculture project helps Zambian youth turn away from copper, live off the land

07-22-2020 | 08:06:00
In Zambia’s Serenje district, young Zambians are being offered a ray of hope in the form of an agriculture project that is both an alternative to copper mining as a path out of poverty.

[Startup Interview] Vimbai Malandu, Co-Founder, YuPlan Limited, Zimbabwe

07-21-2020 | 18:23:00
YuPlan Limited is a Zimbabwe digital startup that allows customers to book a venue from anywhere in the world.

[Column] Louis van Ravesteyn: Unlocking Africa's agribusiness potential with platform thinking

07-21-2020 | 14:28:00
The African continent is home to what is considered a huge growth opportunity - agriculture. With 65% of the world's available uncultivated arable land, potential exists for African countries to reach their developmental goals

15.4 million expected cases of acute malnutrition in West and Central Africa, UN agencies

07-20-2020 | 11:46:15
15.4 million cases of acute malnutrition in children under five years old are expected in 2020 in West and Central Africa if adequate measures are not put in place now, warns UN agencies, UNICEF and WFP.

The need for a radical shift in Africa’s agricultural funding models

07-17-2020 | 17:00:00
A new report reveals that only a small fraction of agricultural research funding coming to sub-Saharan Africa is being used to support agroecology and other sustainable, regenerative approaches.

COMESA region has increased staple crop production, data

07-16-2020 | 16:02:00
Most countries in the COMESA region have recorded an above average yield in the production of staple foods for the 2019/2020 farming season, and this is expected to reduce hunger among the 560 million people.

African Development Bank enhances food security for millions of people in Niger, report

07-16-2020 | 10:51:00
The Water Mobilisation Project to Enhance Food Security in Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder Regions implemented between 2011 and 2018 in Niger, has sustainably increased agricultural production and productivity.

[Column] Tonny Tugee: Factors impacting development of infrastructure in Africa

07-15-2020 | 16:13:00
Without a doubt, Africa is one of the world’s fastest-growing economic hubs. Crucial to this rate of development is the ability to meet the demand for key infrastructure.

[Column] Mimi Alemayehou: Preventing Covid-19 from becoming a hunger crisis in Africa

07-15-2020 | 07:50:00
When a second massive swarm of locusts hit East Africa in April presenting “an extremely alarming and unprecedented threat” to food security and livelihoods this piece of news barely made a splash.

Taming post-harvest losses can boost food security in Africa, WCC

07-10-2020 | 16:07:00
African Church leaders are highlighting the need to tame the continent’s persistent post-harvest losses, as organizations point at rising food insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

[Column] Louis van Ravesteyn: How a global pandemic could strengthen agribusiness in Africa

07-10-2020 | 08:50:14
As supply chains around the world are disrupted questions have begun to emerge about Africa and its ability to ensure food security for its citizens.

African Development Bank project tripled incomes of rural producers and traders in Tanzania, report

07-08-2020 | 10:12:00
An African Development Bank project to enhance market infrastructure, value addition and rural finance (MIVARF) in Tanzania produced highly satisfactory results, according to a report released by the project team.

[Column] Akesh Lalla: Yes, there’s disruption but also, opportunity

07-07-2020 | 11:38:00
I hear this a lot, “We are in unprecedented times.” Actually, to borrow from author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, we are not. We have been through tough business situations like this before.

[Column] Alain Tshal: Guarding against identity theft in times of increased online fraud

07-07-2020 | 09:07:00
Everyone is fair (and likely) game when it comes to identity theft. That is true at the best of times, but the COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified cyber fraudsters’ hunt for the susceptible and vulnerable.

[Column] Paulo de Matos: A four-step approach to building business continuity in uncertainty

07-03-2020 | 09:10:00
The role of procurement is about ensuring that business operations continue like clockwork no matter how disrupted the business environment is.

[Column] Maria Helena Semedo: We must act now to avert an imminent food crisis in Africa

07-02-2020 | 09:34:09
The Covid-19 pandemic has reached Africa at a time when the continent is already grappling with multiple crises.

[Column] Sabelo Dlamini: Of Covid-19 and digital divide in Africa

07-01-2020 | 11:42:53
The IDC market outlook for Africa underscores the value of connectivity, the importance of ICT and the need to be more prepared when it comes to digital.

[Column] George Ferreira: Building resiliency in times of uncertainty

06-30-2020 | 16:35:45
The recent months have likely been the biggest challenge for all organisations across the continent.