[Column] Pedro de Vasconcelos: The decline of global remittances puts rural families at risk

06-09-2020 | 13:12:30
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the loss of millions of jobs in the developed and developing world. Migrant workers are among the most directly affected.

[Column] Theo Odendaal: A cost-effective IT strategy is key to navigating times of economic uncertainty

06-09-2020 | 08:29:01
Midsize enterprises are at a crossroads. To innovate and thrive in the current economy, they need to be able to rely on sound data management. But data storage solutions can be costly.

[Column] Baljeet Nagi: Business continuity demands a supply chain with end-to-end visibility

06-08-2020 | 10:07:45
For many enterprises, their siloed, traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems are proving to be their Achilles’ heel when trying to operate in unprecedented circumstances.

African Development Bank delivers on a decade of transformative commitments to reduce poverty

06-05-2020 | 06:52:00
For the past five decades, the African Development Bank Group has been at the forefront of driving Africa’s economic transformation, leveraging its diverse resources and unique know-how as an indigenous development finance institution.

[Column] David Christie: Systems resilience in times of unprecedented disruption

05-27-2020 | 07:04:59
In the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, systems resilience is being tested like never before. IT and business leaders must ensure that their organisations can continue to operate through this unprecedented disruption.

[Column] Pankaj Bhula: Lack of preparedness can have serious consequences for cybersecurity

05-26-2020 | 14:08:00
The current global Coronavirus crisis has exposed many flaws and gaps in the way businesses operate, but what has become glaringly apparent is how organisations are not prepared to handle cybersecurity requirements of a remote workforce.

[Interview] James Hunt, Vice President, Creative & Marketing Lead, CNN International Commercial

05-26-2020 | 14:00:00
CNN International Commercial Vice President and Marketing Lead James Hunt discusses strategies the company has put in place while working with brands to remobilize as they adapt to the new world order.

[Column] Freeman Addico: The key coronavirus lesson for Africa is "work is a task, not a place"

05-26-2020 | 09:30:35
The negative impact of the global Coronavirus lockdown on business and commercial operations around the world is grave.

[Column] Ronnie Toerien: The role of Human Capital Management in the new world of work

05-26-2020 | 09:28:44
The world of work has been changing for some time, particularly over the last decade as emerging technologies equipped enterprises with the tools to operate with greater efficiency.

[Column] Paulo de Matos: What manufacturers can do now to maintain continuity in the new normal

05-25-2020 | 10:14:00
Manufacturers and distributors are operating in intensely pressured times. Stats SA reported that manufacturing output contracted for the ninth consecutive month in February of 2020.

[Column] Melissa Jantjies: Making sense out of big data through visualisation

05-22-2020 | 10:38:00
With a proliferation of data emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, data visualisation offers a fantastic opportunity to present all this information in an easy-to-digest format, and its applications are broad.

Industry downturn in Angola presents opportunities for local content and marginal players

05-19-2020 | 14:22:49
With an economic recession expected at -1.4 per cent by IMF this year, Angola is expected to be less hit than its immediate neighbours or than the rest of African oil-producing countries.

[Column] Cathy Smith: Why I am resolute in my afro-optimism despite the continent’s challenges

05-19-2020 | 06:38:03
It is becoming clear that most – if not all – our major social, economic and political decisions over the next few years will be made through the prism of the coronavirus and the ripple effects of the pandemic.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: A new remote culture, might just be the DNA for the ‘next normal’

05-18-2020 | 14:34:00
The Covid-19 crisis has, at least temporarily, brought thousands of people to the home office. The question is, what happens after the pandemic? Are companies returning to the old models with only physical presence?

[Column] Kirtan Sita: Laying the groundwork now for future business recovery

05-14-2020 | 15:17:42
The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has forced business, education, and social activities to be conducted virtually.

Tough future for women small-scale and informal cross-border traders

05-14-2020 | 06:58:00
As the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, it becomes clear that some will be hit harder than others.

[Column] Risha Isaac: How companies can restore employees confidence through health benefits

05-13-2020 | 07:08:00
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more critical for organizations to properly manage the impact of a disaster.

How COVID-19 is impacting international payments

05-12-2020 | 07:41:00
As governments across the globe impose movement restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, data from WorldRemit shows this is changing the way people send and receive money abroad.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: The new normal calls for leadership with a human touch, virtually

05-11-2020 | 15:20:00
In recent years, working from home has been a perk for some. Suddenly it became an imperative for many, as demand for remote work soared globally in only a few weeks. This has been a profound shift for society at large.

[Column] Murat Sahinoglu: The million dollar question about 5G

05-09-2020 | 13:04:07
Experts are all eyeing 5G to open up monetisation opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) beyond their traditional markets.