Harriman Oyofo: Safety as a No. 1 Priority – a Business Lie

08-04-2015 | 10:04:00
Many workplaces have huge signs splashed across their entrances boldly proclaiming SAFETY as their No.1 priority but I would be worried if I found myself working in such an outfit. I’ll be worried because in all honesty no business owner sets up just to make safety his/her number one priority.

Chioma Nnani: Lost Opportunities in the Abuja Market

08-04-2015 | 09:50:00
Anyone who's been to Abuja knows that it's what some call an effizy place. That's a way of saying appearances matter more than substance. Personally, I find some of it laughable. But it's very difficult to laugh at the lost business opportunities inflicted by the 'appearance over substance' mentality.

Maria Auma: What it means to be in Business in Uganda – A Woman’s Perspective

07-30-2015 | 11:16:00
In Uganda, and regionally there is the general misconception that most women in business are great at it, probably better than most of their colleagues. The facts on ground however are totally different.

[Interview] Kees Veerman, Head of FX Desk, Ebury, Netherlands

07-30-2015 | 10:55:00
Kees Veerman is Head of Desk, Foreign Exchange at Ebury, Netherlands. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Kayode Jesuseun, Founder, Whatproperty.ng, Nigeria

07-30-2015 | 10:44:00
Kayode Jesuseun is founder, Whatproperty.ng, a real estate property platform for the Nigerian market. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Odimbite Odimbite: How Digital Marketing Causes Bleeding in Nigeria

07-28-2015 | 11:41:00
There are ways in which uncoordinated digital marketing causes hemorrhaging across business setups. Businesses and ventures especially in Nigeria are bleeding due to digital marketing activities arising from ineffective use of Social media platforms.

Harriman Oyofo: We’ve Never Had an Accident Yet

07-28-2015 | 11:28:00
Sure, but isn’t that what they all say? Can it be that you’re immune or that your competitors are plain unlucky; or maybe someone up there is unhappy with them, right?

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Talent Challenges in Africa

07-28-2015 | 11:17:00
Top of mind I would say that the growth and expansion of the African Continent is inevitable. The challenge would be who will steer this expansion? Africans or expats? That brings us to the question of availability and retention of “African” talent.

Chioma Nnani: IP Theft is still Theft

07-23-2015 | 11:46:00
My career was launched because someone tried to steal from me. A thief, who actually faked a friendship with me from 2006, showed their hand in 2010. They started to claim that they wrote my work.

[Interview] Denford Mutashu, Founder and President, Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, Zimbabwe

07-23-2015 | 11:36:00
Denford Mutashu is Founder and President of The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, Zimbabwe. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Mario Baeza, CEO, EDN Ghana

07-23-2015 | 10:36:00
Mario Baeza is CEO, EDN Ghana of the EDN Group of Companies, headquartered in Madrid, Spain. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Motola Oyebanjo: Africa - Time for a New Narrative

07-16-2015 | 10:56:00
“Namaste Sir Ji!” In 2012 I spent some time in India and I remember the first time I heard this greeting. I found it quite enthralling; a colloquial mix of the Indian and English welcome salutation for a respected person.

[Interview] Ronke Lawal, Founder of Ariatu PR, London

07-16-2015 | 10:51:00
How can we expect women to be given opportunities to fund and grow their businesses if there are no women who represent them in the first place? In the event that there are no women working at the senior management positions in these banks then at the very least we need men who are open minded.

Odimbite Odimbite: Sharks Can't Swim on Sand

07-14-2015 | 10:27:00
Starting a profitable business is a noble dream. But most would-be entrepreneurs never venture out because of fear: fear of several uncertainties. They are right as starting a business has its own share of challenges like most other ventures.

Enock Wangila: Heightened Investor Risk Perception Thrusts Home Afrika’s Financing Cost

07-14-2015 | 10:20:00
Property developer Home Afrika re-priced its 500 million corporate bond to make it Kenya’s highest paying coupon bond. The significant rise in coupon rate of the 5-year bond from 13.5% to 17% is set to increase the company’s financing cost

Africa Business Communities Networking Event | Hamburg - 21 September 2015

07-13-2015 | 14:38:00
The Grand Elysée Hotel in Hamburg, located close to the business district and the Alster, is the perfect location to meet up with top business professionals operating in Africa.

[Interview] Alexander Boadi, Founder and Director, Lets Move Africa, London

07-09-2015 | 11:10:00
Alexander Boadi is the founder and director of Lets Move Africa as well as the Lets Move Africa Foundation. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Startup Interview] Odimbite Odimbite, Co-Founder, Metrodelight Foods, Lagos

07-07-2015 | 12:28:00
Metrodelight Foods is a fast food chain restaurant, founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. Africa Business Communities interviews one of its founders, Odimbite Odimbite:

[Interview] Babatunde Oladele, Chief Responsibility Officer, TRW Consult, Nigeria

07-07-2015 | 09:36:00
Babatunde Oladele is Chief Responsibility Officer at TRW Consult, Nigeria, a firm that provides research, contents, editorial and digital services to corporates and individuals. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[USTDA Report] Increasing Internet Access, Unlocking Imaginations In South Africa

07-03-2015 | 15:45:00
Cape Town, South Africa is a jewellery at the bottom of the African continent – a city with tremendous natural beauty, a vibrant economy and a rich history.