[Kenya Business Week] New energy frontiers, more business deals

08-31-2018 | 06:27:00
It has been another busy week for anchor sectors in Kenya with more investors, landmark deals and strategic partnerships pointing to Kenya as the investment destination for the region.

[Africa Tech Week] Technology addressing Africa’s crucial challenges

08-30-2018 | 10:57:00
Leading technology companies are using their resources and technologies to help marginalized communities in the continent overcome poverty, injustice and even discrimination.

Wakanda inspired Africa’s real life innovative tech stories

08-30-2018 | 06:44:00
The entertainment phenomenon that is Black Panther has captivated the world since its release earlier this year. It has been embraced for its representation of black people generally, and Africans specifically.

[Column] Sachen Gudka: Our economy cannot withstand delayed payments

08-29-2018 | 13:52:59
Money is the bloodline of any economy, and for businesses to thrive, its steady flow and circulation are critical. Cash is king.

[Interview] Priscilla Muhiu, Head of Marketing, Sendy, Kenya

08-29-2018 | 10:39:00
Priscilla Muhiu is the Head of Marketing at Sendy, a mobile-based logistics firm that connects customers with drivers to help deliver goods from one place to another.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Why TVET is central to economic development

08-28-2018 | 10:33:00
The economic well being of any nation rests on the country’s ability the create sustainable jobs for all.

Using tomorrow’s tools to solve today’s security problems

08-27-2018 | 09:35:07
Organisations that do not have a clear longer-term security roadmap in place are putting themselves at risk of being compromised.

What happens after all devices are connected to the IoT?

08-27-2018 | 09:11:00
Is your business driving change or being driven by it? This is the question that should be powering your business mindset in a digital world that’s swallowed by innovation and exponential change.

Join the African Green Revolution Forum Investor DealRoom

08-24-2018 | 13:09:00
The Forum will be held in Kigali, Rwanda on 5-8 September 2018

FinTech & the African Findustrial Revolution | Free Webinar

08-24-2018 | 12:05:00
How is tech innovation delivering cutting-edge financial services and bridging the banking and digital divide?

Nigeria’s Economic Resurgence & Fulfilling Its Connectivity Potential

08-24-2018 | 11:29:00
Explore Nigeria’s path to GDP & connectivity growth in a brand new report brought to you by Nigeria Com and Xalam Analytics

[Nigeria Business Week] Businesses riding the wave of technology

08-23-2018 | 20:42:00
As the business world becomes more and more technology dependent, it has become impossible to separate that technology from any kind of development. Words like ‘investment’ and ‘startup’ seem inevitably connected to ICT.

[Africa Tech Week] African countries eyeing blockchain technology

08-23-2018 | 13:03:15
The use of technology in elections in Africa over the past years has continued to receive increased attention.

[Kenya Business Week] Championing electoral reforms with blockchain

08-23-2018 | 10:08:00
Kenya’s public institutions have this week increased their investments in technology to improve service delivery and address some of the most pressing problems in a development that is receiving thumbs up from both local and international players.

ICT remains panacea for youth unemployment in Africa, FAO

08-22-2018 | 11:30:45
In Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 60 percent of a 1.2 billion population are under the age of 25.

[Column] Michael Hailu: Focus on youth, women will boost agribusiness

08-22-2018 | 09:36:00
There are two strong arguments why we need to get greater women and youth involvement in agriculture – pragmatic and strategic.

[Column] Mehmood Khan: Remaining competitive in the era of AI and IoT

08-21-2018 | 09:05:00
The emergence and proliferation of exponential technologies such as AI and IoT will challenge organisations’ ability to innovate at speed and scale to remain competitive.

[Column] Adebayo Sanni: Nigerian businesses and the GDPR compliance

08-20-2018 | 07:15:00
The deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation has come and gone. And while it happened without too much fanfare in Nigeria, companies that think they can ignore the legislation and maintain a business as usual approach are in for a rude awakening.

[Kenya Business Week] Unity of purpose in war on counterfeits

08-17-2018 | 08:19:00
Each year counterfeit goods cost the Kenyan economy $300 million in a well-oiled illicit trade that has not only taken away the citizen’s right to quality and genuine products, but put their lives at risk by infiltrating their markets with substandard goods.

[Survey] Mental Health Knowledge in Africa

08-16-2018 | 15:19:00
In June 2018, the World Health Organization has released a global manual which aim is to help physicians and mental health professionals to diagnose physical and mental health conditions