[Interview] Daniel Murithi, Director, Starling Technologies Limited, Kenya

01-17-2019 | 14:00:00
Dan Murithi is the Director, of Starling Technologies Limited, a web development and software solution company located in Nairobi, Kenya.

[Column] Karl Reed: The customer’s journey to the cloud

01-16-2019 | 07:20:30
Migrating to the cloud is no longer the complex process it once was. Thanks to the evolution of technology, moving from an on-premises environment can be done much more efficiently than before.

[Column] Hark-sang Kim: What will the next phase of smartphone innovation bring?

01-16-2019 | 05:55:01
In light of modest global sales recently, some observers say that smartphone innovation has hit a bottleneck, as new devices bear more iterative upgrades instead of groundbreaking features.

[Africa Tech Week] African tech startups continue to raise more funding

01-13-2019 | 11:18:07
2018 was a good year for the African startup and tech community. A number of startups raised funding to scale and expand their operations across the continent.

[Interview] Tunde Ajala, Executive Director, Dovewell Oilfield Services, Nigeria

01-10-2019 | 13:18:48
Tunde Ajala is the founding executive director of Dovewell Oilfield Services Ltd, a Nigeria oil and gas company.

[Kenya Business Week] US key investment target in Africa

01-10-2019 | 13:10:52
US has reiterating its commitment to strong partnerships with key countries in Africa, specifically naming Kenya as a target for future US aid and investment.

[Nigeria Business Week] Industries partner to reach common goals

01-10-2019 | 10:57:00
The sectors are revving up to keep up momentum as the 2019 opens new doors for Nigeria’s stride toward economic balance.

[Column] Felix Antonysamy, South Africa adopts to blockchain technology

01-09-2019 | 05:13:00
South Africa's financial services industry has made a promising incursion into the adoption of blockchain technology as all major commercial banks recognize the disruptive potential of technology.

[Column] Armando Da Silva: Why solar power is the obvious solution for South Africa

01-08-2019 | 11:12:45
As South Africa kicks off the New Year with a lower petrol price and hopes for a constructive 2019, there are some looming problems that hinder the great spirit of the country.

[Column] Mark Bannerman, Driving accelerated growth in automotive business

01-03-2019 | 08:44:04
According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), to achieve success, the automotive industry must deliver internationally competitive products.

[Column] Sachen Gudka: Tracking Kenya Big Four Agenda’s performance

01-02-2019 | 06:10:00
By deliberately centering Manufacturing in the Big 4 Agenda, Kenya made an expedient decision to steer itself back on the fast track towards realizing Vision 2030.

[Africa Tech Week] Mobile money is driving financial inclusion in Africa

12-22-2018 | 08:44:25
Mobile money – pioneered since 2007 by Kenya’s Safaricom with its M-Pesa platform – can include more people into the economy in Africa and be the base of more sophisticated forms of e-commerce.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: How the EAC bloc can leverage its market

12-21-2018 | 13:04:00
This year, reports and news articles have been awash with stories of a dysfunctional EAC bloc stagnated and in near-crumbling state.

Xalam Analytics: Can Data Localization Laws Boost African Cloud and Colocation Markets?

12-18-2018 | 13:10:00
On the surface, requiring companies to host data locally would seem an attractive option to foster local industry and data sovereignty. The question is whether it ultimately does more harm than good

[SA Business Week] Mixed fortunes for public and private sectors

12-14-2018 | 19:30:00
The public and private sectors have this week recorded heightened activities with partnerships, trade and capital markets dominating headlines.

[Africa Tech Week] More collaborative efforts required to fight mobile money fraud in Africa

12-14-2018 | 07:38:40
Questions have also been abound on the security of mobile money transactions platforms, and also on the capacity of African security agencies to tame the fraud. Progress is, however, being made.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Africa’s silver bullet is in its new tribe

12-13-2018 | 13:29:59
In East Africa, a group of vanguard youthful innovators are transforming the region into a tech powerhouse through modern innovations.

[Kenya Business Week] Conquering the skies, an innovation at a time

12-13-2018 | 13:27:58
Weeks after launching direct flights to the United States, Kenya is streamlining its aviation sector further.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Kenya’s focus on SMEs is a welcome Intervention

12-13-2018 | 06:29:00
50 per cent of all new Kenyan jobs are estimated to come from medium and large companies, despite them constituting only 20 per cent of all firms in the manufacturing and services sectors.

[Column] Chetan Goshalia, Kickstarting the future: The South African entrepreneur

12-12-2018 | 12:54:00
South Africa has, according to the report ‘Small Businesses in India, Brazil and South Africa: Basic Characteristics’, far less red tape than Brazil and yet that country manages to produce SMEs at double the rate.