[Nigeria Business Week] Ensuring co-operation and diligence in trade

07-13-2018 | 10:46:25
There is no shortage of opinions with regards to what needs to be done to improve economies of Africa. Experts from diverse fields advocate for different solutions, some tailored to fit their field interests, others seeming to stem from a place of general betterment.

[Interview] Kifle Bantayehu, Founder, Afrinection.com

07-13-2018 | 08:05:00
Kifle Bantayehu is an Ethiopian entrepreneur, consulting professional and policy strategist. He founded in 2016 Afrinection, a platform that closes several gaping holes in the African employment and investment market.

[Kenya Business Week] Tackling illicit financial flows

07-12-2018 | 10:34:00
In one of the most historic developments in the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Swiss counterpart Alain Berset have overseen the signing of a key agreement that clears the way for the recovery of assets acquired through corruption and crime in Kenya

[Africa Tech Week] Growing continental remittances and footprint

07-12-2018 | 10:32:44
This has perhaps been one of the busiest weeks for Africa tech companies seeking to increase connectivity as rolling of infrastructure and boosting existing network services took center stage

[Startup Interview] Tomiwa Majekodunmi, CEO, NASPA, Nigeria

07-12-2018 | 06:48:00
At a time when the electricity needs of Africa continue to outstrip available supply, a company in Nigeria is investing in providing low cost, clean and sustainable energy to especially those not connected to the national grid.

[Column] Byron Mudhune: Looming danger in Africa’s food imports

07-12-2018 | 06:43:12
Addressing Africa’s food import and consumption has suffered from extreme mood swings with the pendulum moving from episodes of pessimism to euphoria.

[Columm] Jeremy Potgieter: IIoT set to drive African manufacturing

07-11-2018 | 11:23:00
The manufacturing sector is set to evolve thanks to the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Specifically focused on industries with machinery and production processes, IIoT will significantly enhance manufacturing.

[Column] Pankaj Bedi: How can Kenya become an export-oriented economy?

07-10-2018 | 13:16:00
Today, Kenya finds itself in an awkward yet promising position in its history. For one thing, our unemployment rate is arguably one of the highest in the East African region.

[Column] Michael Pittelkow: Building a digital continent

07-09-2018 | 09:43:00
According to the World Bank's most recent report on Global Economic Prospects, despite the broad global recovery currently underway, Africa still faces substantial downside risks, especially relating to challenges with subdued productivity and potential growth.

[Africa Tech Week] Uganda's social media tax fiasco

07-06-2018 | 10:12:22
Uganda has been on the news this week as being the first country in the region to introduce tax on platforms that that offer Over-The-Top services such as VoIP, instant messaging, and video streaming.

[Kenya Business Week] Cementing US trade with direct flights

07-06-2018 | 10:12:00
Known for its aggressive approach in selling its economic sectors, Kenya has this week been on a charm offensive, as both public and private players step up efforts to win investors and grow businesses.

[Nigeria Business Week] Racing toward growth, partnerships, targets

06-29-2018 | 12:18:00
This week has shown interesting developments in a wide range of sectors in Nigeria - Hospitality, Real Estate, Agribusiness, Banking, Automotive, Oil and Gas and as always, ICT remains a busy sector.

[Interview] Stephen Maina Ndungu, CEO, Competa Millman, Kenya

06-29-2018 | 09:54:00
Stephen Maina Ndungu is the Co-founder and CEO of the Dutch-Kenyan software development company Competa Millman.

[Kenya Business Week] Gauging regional growth through Kenya’s prism

06-28-2018 | 06:58:00
As one of East Africa’s big brothers in economic growth and development, Kenya has this week continued to attract praise and investment with its landmark investments delivering impressive payoffs.

[Africa Tech Week] Blockchain community currencies to fight poverty

06-28-2018 | 06:55:00
With major economic sectors across Africa increasingly embracing the pivotal role of ICT to harmonize daily operations and remain globally competitive, numerous developments have taken place this week.

[Startup Interview] Fredrick Kirui, Director, AfricaSokoni, Kenya

06-27-2018 | 06:52:00
A growing middle class with an affinity for spending and keen on convenience has birthed innovative online applications across Africa. E-commerce has been at the heart of this internet renaissance.

[Column] Gilbert Saggia: Cloud platforms are the future of Africa SMEs

06-26-2018 | 11:44:00
African small and medium enterprises are facing unprecedented disruption. While large global disruptors have claimed most of the news headlines, SMEs face the same threat from disruption as their larger, more established peers.

[Column] Sherry Zameer: Mobile mind-shift in today's African consumers

06-26-2018 | 08:44:00
In recent years, mobiles have become an identification device. Almost half (48%) of consumers globally, including South Africa, expect their mobile devices to become their main form of ID by 2025.

[Column] Llewellyn le Hané: Namibia remains safe in cyber space

06-26-2018 | 08:29:00
Our little country, Namibia, with its small population ranks amongst countries like South Korea when it comes to our preparedness against attacks.

[Column] Africa - a breeding ground for innovation

06-25-2018 | 09:06:00
African innovation is on the rise and the continent could play host to several new technology disruptions in the next few years. It is an increasingly common belief that various technologies benefit from the lack of IT legacy systems and old, entrenched infrastructure in Africa.