[Column] Cathy Smith: Sustainability or extinction: what African enterprises need to know about the next ten years

03-14-2023 | 14:55:33
Businesses and countries across the continent are attempting to rebuild following the devastating economic impact of the pandemic.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Government policies must support a flourishing local industry

03-14-2023 | 14:55:33
There is a sense of pride, for a country and its citizens, in attaining self-sustenance and economic independence. Central to this is a competitive local industry, producing goods for its domestic and export markets. 

[Column] Mthokozisi Maphumulo: Business insurance policies to rescue business amid the recent unrest and looting in South Africa

03-14-2023 | 14:55:32
The recent events of unrest and looting of shops in South Africa, particularly in KZN and Gauteng have certainly been worrying for business owners.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Why goodwill is essential for lucrative trade relations

03-14-2023 | 14:55:32
Whilst Kenya and Tanzania have for years shared strong trade relations, non-tariff barriers, high cost of production and cheap imports from outside the East Africa Community (EAC) region have impacted trade between the two countries.

[Column] Bobby Johnson: High cost of inputs hurting steel sector

03-14-2023 | 14:55:31
The demand for steel is increasing in the country, as government-driven infrastructural development, and commercial and residential buildings surge.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Sustainable manufacturing key for environmental restoration

03-14-2023 | 14:55:30
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indeed, if the past year is anything to go by, the need to restore the planet has been underscored by the ensuing consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Safeguarding consumers from illicit trade

03-14-2023 | 14:55:30
Illicit trade is a longstanding issue, growing in scope and magnitude and derailing economic development. It not only threatens the welfare of consumers but also erodes the market share of genuine manufactured products, threatens the expansion of industries, and hampers the creation of job opportunities.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Invest in women entrepreneurs to improve livelihoods

03-14-2023 | 14:55:29
The resilience of women in entrepreneurship and business does not go unnoticed. It is their agility to overcome archaic beliefs and tough situations that have proven their worth.

[Column] Byron Mudhune: AFCFTA and competitive advantage: Danger signals ahead

03-14-2023 | 14:55:29
AFCFTA or the Africa’s continental free trade agreement is essentially an opportunity for African enterprises to export directly to the rest of Africa, goods and services freely, encouraging trade, growth and development of African enterprises in general.

[Column] Mathew Hall: Why off-grid solutions are starting to make more sense to South Africans

03-14-2023 | 14:55:28
With load shedding back and disrupting day to day life, compounded by consumers feeling the 15% increase on their electricity bill, alternative sources of energy are starting to look more attractive to South Africans.

[Column] Tsheko Ratsheko: Environmental stewardship and the mining sector – powering a greener future

03-14-2023 | 14:55:28
Responsible environmental stewardship is about protecting and preserving natural resources for the greater good of all our stakeholders.

[Column] Victoria Epelle: The retail value chain and its ongoing counterfeit battle

03-14-2023 | 14:55:26
Counterfeit products have a presence across major industries in Nigeria. The impact of having these counterfeit products for manufacturers range from dwindling sales and failed customer loyalty schemes.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Kenya tax policies need an overhaul

03-14-2023 | 14:55:25
The only way a nation can succeed in bridging the relationship gap between its citizens and the government – enriching the quality of our democracy and reducing apathy – is through the institution of efficient and fair tax systems.

[Interview] Victoria Epelle, Founder, Market Forward, Nigeria

03-14-2023 | 14:55:25
Victoria Epelle founded Market Forward about a year ago and the company has executed projects both local and international and is making a name for itself in the field of Consulting and Project Management.

[Interview] Victoria Epelle, Fondatrice, Market Forward, Nigéria

03-14-2023 | 14:55:25
Victoria Epelle a fondé Market Forward il y a environ un an et la société a exécuté des projets à la fois locaux et internationaux et se fait un nom dans le domaine du conseil et de la gestion de projet.

[Column] Vinod Madhavan : After a cautious start, Africa’s policymakers should accelerate adoption of AfCFTA

03-14-2023 | 14:55:24
If successful, AfCFTA is expected to boost intra-African trade from the low levels of c. 17% seen today, which in turn will promote industrialisation and economic growth.

[Interview] Moulaye Taboure, Co-founder, Afrikrea e-Commerce

03-14-2023 | 14:55:24
Moulaye Taboure is the CEO/Co-founder of Afrikrea, an Africa focused e-commerce platform operating out of Côte d’Ivoire.

[Column[Sammar Essmat: How COVID-19 is pushing MENA companies to embrace flex work

03-14-2023 | 14:55:24
Women in the MENA region have long found it difficult to balance the demands of home, family, and work a major reason why only a quarter of Egyptian women work outside the home.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Building momentum to mitigate climate change

03-14-2023 | 14:55:23
Global leaders, young people and even students are now talking about it. Companies on the other hand are thinking about how they can reduce their carbon footprint and their operations’ impact on the environment.

[Column] Chido Pamela Mafongoya, Veedushi Mooloo: How Mauritius can take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area

03-14-2023 | 14:55:23
The AfCFTA gives Mauritius market access estimated to be as large as 1.3 billion people across Africa, with a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of $3.4 trillion.