[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: East Africa positions itself as investment destination of choice

03-14-2023 | 14:55:44
The East African community continues to live up to its billing as a prime investment destination for investors.

South Africa’s office and work-from-home plans have changed for 2022

03-14-2023 | 14:55:44
In June 2021, an estimated 50% of the South African workforce was working from home full-time, with the Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changing views on where and how people work best.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Come dry season, food production and supply chain gain emphasis

03-14-2023 | 14:55:43
As we have established time and again, fertile lands and an able, skilled workforce are a vital combination for a thriving agricultural sector.

[Column] Dumisani Moyo: Three rules for marketing in the post-pandemic era

03-14-2023 | 14:55:42
The role of marketing has changed forever, and marketers now have to get to grips with what the future holds. Will marketing activities remain digital, or will they evolve into a hybrid of digital and physical, especially as vaccination rates rise and the world returns to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy?

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Industries unanimously look toward renewable, sustainable practices

03-14-2023 | 14:55:42
The Covid-19 crisis has been cause for numerous economic slumps round the world; companies were shut down, production halted, industries crippled and prices skyrocketed the world over.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: A 5G promise looms, global trade predictions show winning numbers

03-14-2023 | 14:55:41
Nigeria’s tactic is one of sharpening the sectors that have shown promise (such as technology, agriculture and banking) while throwing resources at those that have been in a work-in-progress mode for years.

[Column] Charity Migwi: Climate Action: Pending the 11th hour

03-14-2023 | 14:55:40
As excessive floods, severe drought, and famine continue to be experienced in different parts of the world, global leaders remain largely unfazed as regards making ambitious climate targets.

[Column] Titilayo Adewumi: West Africa’s circular economy efforts at the forefront of fostering a more sustainable future

03-14-2023 | 14:55:40
The vast majority of population growth across the continent will be concentrated in urban areas. WEF data indicates that more than 80% of Africa's population growth between now and 2030 will be in cities, with Lagos growing at a pace of 77 people every hour.

[Column] Philip Myburgh : African businesses should diversify supply chains to mitigate global logistics crunch

03-14-2023 | 14:55:39
The world of international trade is currently dealing with a perfect storm of challenges on multiple fronts.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Nigeria enters green market, takes on AfCFTA implementation

03-14-2023 | 14:55:39
The collaboration of government with industries is crucial for economic progress, be the market large or small. Nigeria knows this and is taking steps to work closely and create better transparency in one of the country’s most robust industries.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: National GDP for Q3 sees increase, amid growing economic concerns

03-14-2023 | 14:55:39
The Nigerian Minister for labour recently has affirmed that more needed to be done in order for the employment crisis to be mitigated. He did allow that much has been done, but a lot of action still was required if the problem was to be tackled from the roots.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Q3 stats show industries thriving, strong investor confidence

03-14-2023 | 14:55:38
Nigeria earns every week its place as Africa’s largest economy. While subject to the typical ups and downs any market is expected to have, its mere size guarantees a general continuity of business operations even in the face of a spiraling inflation trend.

[Column] Roger Long: Divergent trends in property values across Africa

03-14-2023 | 14:55:37
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic not only affected people and communities, but also impacted commercial property values across the world. This report looks at the effect of the pandemic on property values in Africa.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Fix Kenya's road construction challenges

03-14-2023 | 14:55:37
When it comes to a country’s socio-economic development, an efficient transport system is indispensable. For instance, roads enable citizens to access critical services such as health and education, as well as ensure that they are able to access their businesses.

[Column] Judy Njino: Anchoring business priorities on sustainability

03-14-2023 | 14:55:36
In November this year, leaders from around the world will gather in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference to explore ways that governments, the private sector, and global institutions can promote sustainable development.

[Startup Interview] Adedokun Muhammed-Ali Adedeji, Founder, Brightcloud Automobile, Nigeria

03-14-2023 | 14:55:36
Adedokun Muhammed-Ali Adedeji is a Nigerian innovator, entrepreneur and logistics manager. A green mobility advocate, Adedokun is the founder of Brightcloud Automotive.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Why Kenya should implement local content policies to steer growth

03-14-2023 | 14:55:35
Businesses continue to be exposed to a constant creation and review of policies, which is tedious and costly. One of the reasons for this is poor structures and reception by institutions that have been put in place to ensure that these policies are of benefit to the people of Kenya.

[Column] Babatunde Oyateru: Africa should rethink business models for impact and sustainability

03-14-2023 | 14:55:35
Is the corporate goal of an organisation solely to return a profit to its shareholders, or should it be purpose-driven and respond to wider societal needs at the expense of robust profits?

[Column] Lizelle Strydom: How the BPO sector is giving African women a platform to grow

03-14-2023 | 14:55:34
While training programmes can help bridge the skills gap for women from disadvantaged communities, it is vital that organisations develop a culture of mentorship to help women progress in their careers.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Ease regulatory burden for SMEs

03-14-2023 | 14:55:33
They contribute to communities’ unique identities and are the lifeline of any country’s economy, through job creation and as a stepping stone to achieving shared prosperity.