[Startup Interview] Benjamin Manirafasha, CEO, Iris Hub, Rwanda

07-09-2019 | 16:51:47
Benjamin Manirafasha is the founder of Iris Hub, an incubation and innovation center that is using technology to address youth unemployment in Rwanda.

[Column] Dirk-Jan Koeman: Rural Internet needs a technology rethink, as fiber and 4G grapple with viable business models

07-09-2019 | 16:46:00
Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa with regards to Internet penetration. The exact penetration may vary, based on your source.

[Column] Tomi Fajolu: The future of blockchain in African investments

07-09-2019 | 10:02:00
Emerging markets particularly in Africa are faced with the crisis of a population outburst and lack the necessary infrastructure to accommodate their citizens.

[Column] Hans van Linschoten: Data sovereignty in Africa, why you should care

07-08-2019 | 09:47:00
African businesses are currently making massive investments in things like machine learning and artificial intelligence tools and are using cloud and virtualized infrastructure to enhance service delivery

[Startup Interview] Elizabeth Eweka, CEO, IDHS, Nigeria

07-05-2019 | 13:12:00
Elizabeth Eweka-Adeshina is the founder and CEO of IDHS, a Nigeria health startup.

[Column] Jolawn Victor: How the cloud can help South Africa side businesses succeed

07-05-2019 | 13:05:05
More and more South African millennials are starting side businesses to supplement their income.

[Column] Sachen Gudka: Illicit trade is a threat to Kenya; we must tackle it head-on

07-05-2019 | 06:21:00
The recent move by Central Bank of Kenya to introduce the new generation currency notes has once again shone a spotlight on the grave subject of the illicit economy.

[Column] Mohamed Cassoojee: South Africa manufacturers need to look to the next generation of AI

07-05-2019 | 06:17:00
South Africa's manufacturing sector is under enormous pressure, contracting by 8.8% quarter-on-quarter in the first quarter of 2019, according to Stats SA.

[Startup Interview] Joe Maina, CEO, Matrixoft Data Solutions, Kenya

07-04-2019 | 14:47:10
For the last six years, Joe Maina has built Matrixoft Data Solutions to address clients’ pain points by leveraging on technology.

[Column] Gerhard Fourie: Streamlining data management in a multi-cloud environment

07-04-2019 | 06:33:00
Many organizations find themselves in a situation where they have multiple clouds to manage.

[Column] Kevin Halkerd: Digital Transformation’s growing attack surface

07-04-2019 | 06:11:29
Traditional business models need to be reimagined as digital transformation continues to enable businesses to innovate and find new ways to not only leverage data but keep abreast of customer’s evolving requirements.

[Column] John Defterios: The global energy challenge and the answers that lie in renewable power

07-03-2019 | 12:15:00
It is big, fast growing, with a young population and a middle class that is nearly as big as the entire U.S. population.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Embedding a culture of design thinking

07-03-2019 | 09:30:00
There is little doubt that technology has fundamentally shifted enterprise goalposts and redrawn the lines that once were the parameters of the business.

[Column] Karien Bornheim: Building the security baseline

07-03-2019 | 04:12:03
Cybersecurity is a legitimately pressing concern for any organisation looking to avoid becoming yet another statistic.

[Interview] Stephen Newton, CEO, biNU, South Africa

07-01-2019 | 09:40:00
Stephen Newton is a South African entrepreneur and business leader, the current Chief Executive Officer of biNU, South Africa.

[Column] Andrew Cruise: A pragmatic approach to cloud in the age of hyperscale

07-01-2019 | 07:45:00
Enterprise IT is sceptical about moving critical internal business operations to the cloud – and for good reason.

[Column] Tamer Farouk: Combining I.T and business to deliver digital transformation in Côte d'ivoire

06-28-2019 | 06:40:00
As you know, the culinary world is currently experiencing an explosion of fusion cuisine with chefs mixing diverse culinary styles and cultures. to create gastronomic delights previously unimaginable.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiga: Effective Kenya budget implementation critical to jumpstarting the manufacturing sector

06-28-2019 | 06:37:00
A sound national budget is one that supports other essential instruments of Government policy to turn ambitions and plans into reality.

[Interview] Roy Bannister and Nick Bradshaw, co-founders, AI Expo Africa, South Africa

06-26-2019 | 12:58:01
Roy Bannister and Nick Bradshaw are the co-founders of AI Expo Africa. Now in its second year, it seeks to promote and de-mystify Artificial Intelligence and its business applications across Africa.

[Column] Henrique Vale: Controlled Intelligence

06-26-2019 | 11:51:03
There are reports from Gartner that highlight how it is critical for an organisation to build foundations for AI and machine learning to ensure it is futureproofed.