[Column] NJ Ayuk: The promise of Angola’s growing natural gas industry with a ready-made market

07-06-2023 | 13:45:30
From exploration to production and export, the Angolan oil and natural gas industry is bustling with new initiatives. This past year alone, international oil companies and the Angolan government partnered to award numerous regional operators with service contracts.

Mainbridge announces $800 million fixed-term participating Africa-focused bond issue

07-06-2023 | 13:43:30
Mainbridge, has announced the issuance of a $800 million Africa related bond offering, through Mainbridge Percentile Limited, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that is structured to appeal to long term investors seeking access to African growth.

10 millions d’euros de l‘Allemagne au profit de facilité de préparation des projets d’infrastructure du NEPAD

07-06-2023 | 12:16:00
La BAD et KfW ont annoncé la reconstitution des ressources de la facilité de préparation des projets d’infrastructure du NEPAD (IPPF-NEPAD) un fonds spécial du NEPAD pour stimuler le développement des infrastructures régionales en Afrique.

African and global institutional investors unite to pioneer historic infrastructure investment in Africa

07-06-2023 | 12:07:00
Prominent African and global institutional investors signed subscription agreements and letters of intent in preparation for the first close of the Africa50 Infrastructure Acceleration Fund, set up to catalyze further investment flows to invest in the development of critical infrastructure across the continent.

[South Africa] New laws to protect bank accounts underway

07-06-2023 | 11:57:15
South Africa's National Treasury has published draft regulations for public comment for its new system designed to protect bank depositors in the event of a bank collapse.

[Column] Paul Selibas: Embedded finance in the age of e-commerce

07-06-2023 | 09:04:54
Consumers value the convenience, time savings, and discounts online shopping can provide, while businesses gain advantages such as overhead savings, data insights, and a wider customer base.

[Column] Wayne Glossop: Gas power solutions for South Africa

07-05-2023 | 14:12:37
While to date our society has been heavily reliant on coal, it's not able to keep pace with the energy and environmental aspirations of the nation currently.

[Somalia] Mastercard and SomBank launch debit card in Somalia

07-04-2023 | 13:40:56
The purpose of the partnership is to promote the adoption of digital payment solutions in the country, bringing more Somalis into the digital fold.

[Kenya] Absa Bank introduces BNLP feature for cardholders

07-04-2023 | 13:04:12
Absa Bank Kenya customers with a card will now be able to pay for goods in bits after the lender introduces a new feature dubbed ‘Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)’.

[South Africa] Standard Bank, HUAWEI collaborate to empower digital banking solutions

07-04-2023 | 12:51:00
Standard Bank, a leading financial institution in South Africa, has embarked on a strategic collaboration with HUAWEI Mobile Services to provide cutting-edge digital banking solutions to its clients in South Africa.

IFC appoints Mary Porter Peschka as Regional Director for Eastern Africa

07-04-2023 | 08:56:03
Peschka, who brings more than 30 years of global investment and development expertise to her new role, will drive IFC's strategy across the region to support resilient, inclusive, and sustainable private sector growth and job creation.

[Column] Nikita Appelman: Why businesses need to consider fixed microwave connectivity

07-03-2023 | 15:44:08
Microwave services tend to fare much better during loadshedding as they have much better power management on the high sites as compared to cellular base stations.

[Column] Pankaj Bedi: Transform Kenyan human capital for sustainable growth

07-03-2023 | 07:33:00
For any business, one of the most critical components of enhancing productivity and giving the company a competitive edge is a skilled and highly efficient workforce. The most industrialized nations attribute their development to a highly skilled workforce, among other factors.

AfDB to make $11 million equity investment in BluePeak Private Capital Fund

07-03-2023 | 07:27:11
The investment advances the Bank’s goal of supporting mid-size firms, including in the pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, manufacturing, and logistics sectors, across Africa.

[Free Webinar] Step into the fast lane of core system modernization with Thinkwise and Incentro

07-01-2023 | 17:56:00
Step into the fast lane of core system modernization with Thinkwise and Incentro Africa. Be part of our highly informative and interactive live webinar.

NMB Bank Tanzania partners with UnionPay to reach at 30,000 merchants with mobile commerce

06-30-2023 | 08:21:06
This partnership comes at a time when the world is easing towards digital payment since Covid-19, resulting in an increase in the digital user base and shifted consumer purchasing behaviour.

IFC annonce de nouveaux projets pour soutenir les MPME

06-29-2023 | 13:48:00
IFC a annoncé quatre nouveaux projets visant à accompagner les micro, petites et moyennes entreprises (MPME) en Afrique et dans le monde.

Verdant Capital Hybrid Fund completes a USD 9 million investment in LOLC Africa

06-29-2023 | 12:53:45
The investment will support LOLC’s expansion strategy into Africa, through the financing of MSMEs, thereby promoting a high social and developmental impact including financial inclusion, employment creation, income generation, and economic growth.

Gabon et Africa50 signent un accord pour le développement de lignes de transport d’électricité

06-29-2023 | 12:50:00
La République Gabonaise et Africa50 signent un accord cadre pour le développement et le financement de lignes de transport d’électricité.

Africa50 and Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital team up to fund sustainable infrastructure in Africa

06-29-2023 | 12:43:38
Africa50 and Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital, partner to deploy structured finance instruments to fund sustainable infrastructure in Africa