[Column] Michèle Scanlon: Demand for VSAT satellite services growing as Africa strives for a bright digital future

03-07-2019 | 10:02:49
Thanks to the arrival of HTS (high-throughput satellite) in Africa, the demand for VSAT satellite services is on the increase and remains critical to unlocking connectivity on the continent.

[Column] Jane Thomson: Five key inclusions to consider when building an IT strategy

03-06-2019 | 13:33:21
Every year, experts from vertical industries, consulting firms and technology providers share their forecasts of the top topics that will be making headlines and drive IT sales.

[Interview] Eric Acquah, Founder, AcquahMeyer Drone Tech, Ghana

03-05-2019 | 10:32:00
Ghanaian entrepreneur, Eric Acquah, uses his experience in the Aerospace and Aviation industry to better Agriculture and farm productivity in Ghana.

[Column] Murray Steyn: Meeting Africa’s insatiable connectivity demands with wholesale solutions

03-05-2019 | 07:14:00
The digital age has been gathering pace in Africa as the continent becomes more connected by the day and the hunger for connectivity grows.

[Africa Tech Week] African telcos showing commitment to cater for increased demands from their consumers

03-01-2019 | 14:11:00
The telecom industry continues to grow in Africa as operators try to cater for the increasing demand for better services from their consumers

[Interview] Jill Sawers, Director, FEMTECH, South Africa

02-28-2019 | 09:50:00
Dr. Jill Sawers is an innovation, business and entrepreneurship development specialist that co-founded FEMTECH to roll out in Africa an experiential training programme for women entrepreneurs running technology-enabled businesses.

[Startup Interview] Caleb Ndaka, Co-Founder, Kids Comp Camp, Kenya

02-28-2019 | 08:15:00
Caleb Ndaka is the Co-Founder of Kids Comp Camp, a Kenyan startup helping young learners in Africa’s underserved communities access quality computing training.

[Column] Mariam Abdullahi: Building the Intelligent Telco Enterprise -growth opportunities for African telecoms operators

02-27-2019 | 12:12:00
While the telco industry may have seen its traditional revenue streams decline further in 2018 due to the emergence of services such as WhatsApp, the industry is still set for growth.

[Column] Mandla Mbonambi: It's 2019, stop following the hype

02-27-2019 | 08:49:02
When looking to an analogy that best describes digital transformation and the impact it has on the business, perhaps the best is death star.

[Column] Rian Schoeman: The legalities of the digital signature

02-27-2019 | 05:28:00
Most organisations have adopted alternative methodologies for signing documents to ensure auditable document trails while minimising the costs associated with paper-based transactions.

[Interview] Samson Ogbole, Co-Founder, PS Nutraceuticals, Nigeria

02-26-2019 | 08:21:00
Agriculture and technology working together create a environment condusive to efficiency, empowerment and health. This is the mandate at PS Nutraceuticals, co-founded by Samson Ogbole.

[Column] Christian Mahnke: Migration is no longer about adopting a cloud-first approach

02-25-2019 | 08:58:00
The cloud first approach made popular in 2018 is no longer hailed as the answer to cloud domination.

[Interview] Donna Rachelson, CEO, Branding & Marketing YOU, South Africa

02-25-2019 | 08:33:00
Founded in 2007, Branding & Marketing YOU is headed up by Donna Rachelson - branding and marketing specialist, author of three best-selling books, successful businesswoman and savvy business investor.

[Column] Michael Armstrong: Lessons Kenya can learn on fintech innovation

02-22-2019 | 06:59:00
The efficiency, convenience and reach of financial services has been significantly enhanced by the development of the fintech (Financial Technology) industry.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Building the ecosystem to drive innovation through IoT

02-21-2019 | 10:03:58
The Internet of Things (IoT) is touted as a driver of digital transformation and innovative disruption, but few organisations have embraced the opportunity it presents.

[Column] Neil Hobbs: Significant tax benefits on offer for SA's venture capital investors

02-21-2019 | 09:36:00
In July 2009 the South African Revenue Services (SARS) introduced section 12J of the Income Tax Act to encourage ordinary taxpayers to invest in small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs).

[Interview] Kirsty Chadwick, Group CEO, TTRO, South Africa

02-21-2019 | 08:16:00
Kirsty Chadwick, a citizen of New Zealand, puts to work her passion for education and the technology at her disposal to create innovative, cost effective and fully customised e-learning solutions.

[Column] Pete Frielinghaus: The need for disaster recovery in Kenya

02-21-2019 | 07:11:28
Businesses require continuous availability with the increasing dependency on online applications and Internet usage to support critical business operations and systems.

[Column] Ben Good: Digital technologies plugging the sub-Saharan Africa’s energy access gap

02-21-2019 | 07:05:00
In 2017, the Tanzania-based social enterprise Simusolar raised $50,000 to finance its work selling solar-powered systems to farmers and fishermen in rural areas traditionally excluded from mainstream energy provision.

[Column] Diphetogo Lefhoko: Business risks that Botswana faces in 2019

02-20-2019 | 09:09:45
One of the most important trends to emerge in recent years is that it is increasingly difficult to identify individual risks in isolation.