[Column] Patrick Foster: Why Africa is becoming an e-commerce powerhouse

10-30-2018 | 09:00:00
The 21st century has seen a digital revolution in Africa: more people are online than ever before. Better intenet access has led to an increase in online retail, which has in turn resulted in a notable boost for the ecommerce economy across the entire African continent.

[Column] Josephine Wawira: The potential of proper tourism infrastructure for destinations growth

10-29-2018 | 06:16:32
Kenya is set to become one of the top five fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a projected rebound in GDP growth to 6% in 2018 and 7% by 2019 according to a Jumia hospitality report.

[SA Business Week] Blockchain to curb Cape Town water issues, taxi operators get a boost

10-25-2018 | 15:26:00
Blockchain technology came into being in the early 2009. This invention was faced with a lot of backlash as most people lacked prior information about it and were therefore not ready to risk investing in it.

[Africa Tech Week] Cybersecurity still a major concern for African businesses, governments and organisations

10-25-2018 | 12:55:00
Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges African organisations, businesses and even governments have been grappling with. The threat continues to accelerate especially due to the power of digital technology and also cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated.

[Column] James Hickman: Phenomenal Growth for Cognitive Analytics

10-25-2018 | 06:47:00
The recently released EOH consolidated results for the previous financial year reveal key information about growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry. According to its reports, the technology service provider noted particular growth drivers within its industry. Not surprisingly, among these are Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

[Column] Andrew Cruise: South African cloud adoption curve increases its trajectory

10-25-2018 | 06:03:00
IDC research states that 93% of South African companies are developing cloud strategies, and are either in the implementation phase or planning implementation in the near future.

[Column] Robin Njiru: Leveraging intelligent technologies to help Kenya government connect better with citizens

10-24-2018 | 10:50:00
Public sector companies are not immune to the forces that are reshaping organisations and industry sectors around the world. These exponential forces put pressure on public sector organisations to rethink the way they operate to meet the dynamic needs of increasingly sophisticated connected citizens

[Interview] Laban Maloi, Chief Executive Officer, Grayline Media, Kenya

10-24-2018 | 06:49:00
Laban Maloi is the Chief Executive Officer of Grayline Media Group Limited, a Nakuru-based marketing communication agency. The agency's expertise is in branding, brand strategy, advertising, media buying and planning, experimental marketing, digital marketing, PR, corporate communications and event management.

[Column] Corine Mbiaketcha: Three early industry adopters of autonomous technologies

10-24-2018 | 04:43:29
Automation has already transformed industries in which complexity and performance demands must meet the challenges of fewer available resources, narrower profit margins and expanding product volumes.

Your complimentary report: Lessons learned from Africa's massive data breach

10-23-2018 | 09:47:00
Cybercrime has dominated South Africa’s news headlines throughout the course of 2018, as one high-profile attack follows another on an almost monthly basis

[Column] Joseph Kanyua: AI as a govt tool to grow manufacturing sector

10-22-2018 | 09:15:00
The question for governments in emerging economies is this: how can AI support - not undermine - efforts to boost economic growth and job creation while still ensuring global competitiveness?

[Kenya Business Week] Breathing new life into SMEs

10-19-2018 | 08:42:00
Small and medium sized businesses in Kenya represents 75 per cent of the country's workforce, constitute 98 percent of all businesses in Kenya and contribute 3 percent to the national purse.

[Africa Tech Week] Google empowering African communities

10-18-2018 | 14:59:00
Google has over the last few months been actively involved in different activities across the continent. The search giant has also been rolling out some new features and also working closely with different organizations to empower local communities.

[Column] Hannalie Marsh: Payments in Africa drives innovation

10-18-2018 | 11:03:00
There is a great demand in Africa for cross-border payments and a need to regulate the payment industry on the continent while at the same time opening it up to include non-banks.

[Column] Sandiso Sibisi: Youth employment key to development in Africa

10-18-2018 | 06:15:00
Despite Africa’s impressive growth in past 25 years and its entry into the digital economy, the job market continues to be in a depressed state as youth unemployment continues to rise.

[Column] Sandeep Sharma: Long live digital transformation

10-17-2018 | 13:51:00
It is those companies that understand how to capture the moment of digital truth to transform the customer experience that will thrive.

[Column] Sunil Kaushal: How Africa’s banking sector rules have changed

10-17-2018 | 12:30:38
We are fortunate to witness a period of monumental progress in Africa. The changes are visible across all sectors.

[Interview] Paul Randall, Executive Director, Creditinfo

10-17-2018 | 09:56:00
Paul Randall is the Executive Director of Creditinfo, a credit information and risk management solutions provider in Africa and other countries across the globe. ,

The Ugandan Competition Enforcement - a comparison with South Africa

10-16-2018 | 09:08:00
Ugandan businesses are becoming increasingly mindful of competition requirements and domestic antitrust laws when engaging in commercial transactions in other African jurisdictions.

[SA Business Week] Water tariffs rise, no markets for black traders

10-12-2018 | 13:21:00
Access to clean water is still a challenge in most of the sub-Saharan Africa countries. Due to the scarcity, the ones who are lucky enough to access it have to dig deeper into their pockets in order to enjoy this basic commodity.