[Column] Nik Steffny: The Platform - Tomorrows new economic sector

08-28-2019 | 05:59:24
This progressive phenomenon has succeeded in turning the service industry on its head, placing tremendous pressure on businesses to remain relevant and successful.

[Column] Mandla Mbonambi: DevSecOps - Five reasons why

08-28-2019 | 05:26:45
DevOps practices allow for development and operations to build, test, release and design software far faster and with greater agility.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Incentivizing waste management is the way to go

08-27-2019 | 11:20:00
The need to invest in new avenues of social income has become the driving force for new inventions in waste management.

[Column] Simon McCullough: Multi-cloud is redefining app development

08-23-2019 | 13:35:42
Let's take a look at how multi-cloud is changing the app development game and bringing previously siloed teams closer together.

[Column] Olagoke Aluko: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) regulations lead the way in reshaping consumer behaviour and industry in Kenya

08-22-2019 | 08:26:00
Kenya has paid a heavy price in lives lost for its slow uptake of LPG as a cooking fuel.

[Column] Kathryn-Leigh Storm: Globalstar eliminates blind spots for business

08-22-2019 | 07:53:00
It’s ubiquity and capability allowing for organisations across multiple industries to communicate over vast distances and gain critical visibility into rural and remote locations.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: Between extortion and the sanctity of Petroleum contracts in Nigeria, DRC and Senegal

08-21-2019 | 09:22:00
Last week, a UK commercial court gave reason to a claim by engineering company P&ID, which demands over USD$9 billion from the Nigerian government over a failed gas deal.

[Column] Michael Hailu: Africa needs more youth to farm, let’s give them the tools to do so

08-21-2019 | 08:48:02
It has long been clear that agriculture needs more young people, not only to secure Africa's future food security but to modernize farming.

[Column] Judy Njino: Strengthen partnerships to meet the SDGs

08-20-2019 | 13:17:00
What do the Sustainable Development Goals aim to achieve? The world is ten years away from the deadline for achieving the 2030 Agenda.

[Column] Mukhisa Kituyi: Reigniting international investment flows

08-16-2019 | 13:51:16
International investment flows have been weak for a decade. Last year, global foreign direct investment fell again, by 13%, the third consecutive decline.

[Column] Mervyn George: Remote working is the future. Are South Africa enterprises ready?

08-16-2019 | 13:48:40
As the Experience Economy gathers pace, organizations will place increasing focus on engineering the best experiences not only for its customers and partners but its workforce.

[Africa Tech Week] Facebook is targeting African fake news in local languages

08-15-2019 | 13:13:34
Facebook's third-party fact-checking programme relies on feedback from the Facebook community, as one of many signals Facebook uses to raise potentially false stories to fact-checkers for review.

[Column] Bernard Ford: The new revolution every business should talk about

08-15-2019 | 07:29:00
Just as telephones and cars changed how we work and play, 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is ushering in a new age that shouldn’t be ignored.

[Column] Trevor Kimani: Fintechs are disrupting the local traditional remittance market

08-14-2019 | 12:00:00
Data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) shows that diaspora inflows in the country rose to Ksh30.4 billion ($295.3 million) in June compared to Ksh25.1 billion ($243.2) in May.

[Column] Nick Durrant: Helping customers manage their money on the move

08-14-2019 | 05:13:00
Consumers are using mobile devices to purchase financial services and to manage their accounts and this has largely led to the rise in branch closures at most major banks.

[Column] Sabelo Dlamini: Data analysis - it's about finding the right tools for the job

08-14-2019 | 04:50:50
Data analysis helps organisations make sense of complex data sets, providing insights that are not necessarily visible to the human eye.

[Column] Paul Akiwumi: Why Angola must foster entrepreneurship and diversify its economy

08-13-2019 | 13:45:49
As Angola’s new president João Lourenço embarks on reforms aimed at fostering a dynamic local entrepreneurial sector, his success will ultimately be judged by the fortunes of people like Alcino António.

[Column] Mike Smits: The rise of Sub-Saharan Africa as a fintech hub

08-13-2019 | 10:41:00
Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the fastest-growing investment zones for financial technology companies according to new research says Forbes.

[Column] Donna Rachelson: What Corporate SA should be doing this Women’s month

08-12-2019 | 09:09:00
South African business has a serious diversity problem - only 3.3% of listed companies have female CEOs and 85% of CEOs are white, despite an increase from 2018.

[Column] Vino Govender: Making sense of the 5G investment

08-09-2019 | 13:10:00
While estimates for global investment into 5G over the next few years vary, one thing is certain: the funds needed to make 5G a reality is easily the largest global capital outlay in telecommunications history.