[Column] Sabelo Dlamini: The mobile data pricing conundrum

01-02-2020 | 10:57:00
There needs to be an analysis of more advanced, technically driven pricing structures, says IDC.

[Column] JC Oberholzer: How blockchain is disrupting the insurance industry

01-02-2020 | 06:41:00
With 81 percent of insurers globally familiar with blockchain technology, some areas of focus are fraud prevention, the digital tracking of medical records, and developing smart contracts.

[Column] Vino Govender: Why reliable, low-latency fibre connectivity is key for the success of the smart city

12-20-2019 | 10:24:25
Smart cities are intelligent and connected ecosystems that collate and analyse vast quantities of data spun out by a complex network of sensors, devices, systems, software, and platforms.

[Column] Sandra Crous: Securing payroll data in the cloud

12-20-2019 | 04:28:00
As with the majority of business software, HR and payroll solutions are increasingly available through the cloud as a pay-as-you-use model and are today, considered as mainstream as any other business application.

[Interview] Henrik Barck, Founder and CEO, Afripods, Kenya

12-18-2019 | 05:58:00
Henrik Barck is the founder and CEO of Afripods, an African focused platform for podcasters with head office in Nairobi, Kenya.

Investors look to possible opportunities in USD/ZAR pairing in 2020

12-17-2019 | 08:06:00
The USD/ZAR pairing (signifying the number of South African Rand needed to comprise one U.S. dollar) is not counted among the "major" pairs in forex trading. However, this doe no't mean that it hasn't garnered a lot of attention over the years.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: Scaling collaboration cloud service in the workplace

12-13-2019 | 12:05:00
When it comes to scaling a cloud service (and more specifically) a collaboration cloud service - what must-haves comes to mind?

[Column] Kurt Goodall: Extending security to the cloud

12-12-2019 | 05:42:34
Business leaders now have a choice whether they want to continue using their trusted firewall or move to a next-generation firewall delivered by appliances or as cloud services to protect the outer perimeter security in branch offices.

[Column] Josephine Wawira: How Black Friday is giving Africa's economy a lift

12-12-2019 | 05:27:00
It is quite phenomenal how in recent years, both e-commerce players and retailers have used Black Friday to sweep thrifty shoppers off their feet.

[Column] Jeremy Potgieter: South Africa’s five-year goal for IoT

12-11-2019 | 10:07:00
In five years, the world will have more than 40 billion devices. Locally, IoT specialist, Eseye, says that South African CIOs are recognising IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies as strategic imperatives

[Column] Is a VPN a legal cybersecurity solution in Africa?

12-11-2019 | 08:47:49
One continent that may come to mind when thinking about VPNs is Africa. Many individuals might see this location’s government to uphold strict Internet laws. But, is it legal to use a VPN to enhance cybersecurity in Africa?

[Column] Sonwabise Sebata: Gender diversity in the telecoms industry makes solid business sense

12-06-2019 | 12:15:00
Time and again it has been proven that companies that foster gender diversity at board, executive and employee levels outperform and produce greater value for their shareholders than homogeneous companies.

[Column] Ryan Trost: What Can we Expect? 2020 Cyber Predictions

12-05-2019 | 06:52:00
As the 2020 budget meetings come and go - teams are forced to assess their current defenses by analyzing their historical attacks in order to anticipate/predict future attack trends.

[Column] Andrea Tucker: Automation’s transformative power will change banking

12-04-2019 | 11:44:00
The banking industry on a global scale is currently leveraging off the concept of automation to drive growth and cost efficiencies.

[Column] John Mc Loughlin: Cyber risks are becoming more complex and challenging

12-04-2019 | 11:35:00
The rate at which digital technology is evolving and disrupting traditional business models, cyber risks seem to evolve even faster.

[Column] Mervyn George: Is crowdsourcing the next step in the drone economy?

11-29-2019 | 13:02:00
The City of Cape Town recently publicly announced its intention to pilot a fleet of drones for crime prevention.

[Column] Mukhisa Kituyi: We need a more inclusive and sustainable model of development

11-27-2019 | 13:17:00
At a time when the UN system reforms are bringing the three pillars of sustainable development more closely together, it is important to highlight the need for an inclusive model of growth and development.

[Column] Ngaite Mgeni: Why organizations should invest in staff training

11-27-2019 | 11:45:00
As organizations evolve and competition to acquire top talent heats up world over, businesses are increasingly realizing the need and essence of investing in their most prized possession; their workforce.

[Column] Kyle Condon: How to achieve longevity and achieve its benefits

11-27-2019 | 08:43:09
In today’s technological business market, starting an organisation has become easier than ever. Entrepreneurs have every advantage at their disposal.

[Column] Sandra Crous: Making the right decision to benefit from true Cloud applications

11-27-2019 | 05:53:00
Many people often confuse the similarities and differences surrounding both web hosting and cloud computing. While many believe that cloud and hosted services are the same, this is not the case.