[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: What 2022 portends for East Africa

01-14-2022 | 14:50:03
As the East African Community, EAC, member states eye innovative ways of deepening integration and trading more with each other, the bloc and individual countries are putting in place mechanisms, policies and legislation that seek to address longstanding hiccups that have put the brakes on seamless regional trade.

[Column] Hardeep Sound: Four make-or-break priorities for East Africa’s economic recovery

01-14-2022 | 12:06:00
How does the East African region achieve a full economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic while also building toward a more globally-competitive and sustainable future?

Verdant Capital and KfW establish fund to support MSMEs growth in Africa

01-14-2022 | 12:04:32
Verdant Capital Hybrid Fund (VCHF) has reached its first closing with committed capital of $36 million. The fund is targeting high developmental impact, including job creation and income generation through SMEs and micro-entrepreneurship.

IFC and We-Fi help tackle gender financing gap through IFC ScaleX

01-14-2022 | 07:55:20
To help tackle the financing gap that women entrepreneurs still face IFC and the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative launched a new call for applications for IFC ScaleX, that will provide an award of up to $25,000.

ITFC sur le financement islamique au niveau mondial

01-13-2022 | 13:14:59
La Société internationale islamique de financement du commerce (ITFC) est arrivée en tête des classements 2021 de Bloomberg sur le financement islamique en tant que leader mondial dans les catégories teneur de livres et arrangeur chef de file mandaté.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Nigeria sets course to unify industry benefits, lead Africa's 5G

01-13-2022 | 12:18:00
Following a turbulent year of stock market fluctuations, restrictions related to an ongoing pandemic and varying economic instabilities, predictions on Nigeria’s performance last year ranged from inferior to mediocre to excellent.

[Column] Andrew Bourne: What will online privacy and security look like in 2022?

01-13-2022 | 11:56:00
Online privacy and security is an ongoing battle and that organisations of all sizes will have to keep stepping up their efforts when it comes to protecting their customers and staff

Moroccan economic growth could accelerate with full implementation of broad-based reforms, World Bank

01-12-2022 | 14:55:00
In order to achieve broad-based growth and job creation, the sustained implementation of a multifaceted and ambitious reform agenda will be essential, according to the World Bank’s Morocco Economic Monitor, January 2022.

[Egypt] EIB supports Maspero metro station component in phase 3 of the Cairo Metro Line 3 project

01-12-2022 | 14:16:55
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has supported Maspero metro station component in phase 3 of the Cairo Metro Line 3 project in Egypt.

Multi-asset broker Exness expands its presence in Africa

01-12-2022 | 09:57:13
Exness, the multi-asset broker in the world, announced it will continue to expand its presence in Africa in 2022.

Global oil and gas investments to hit $628 billion in 2022 led by upstream gas and LNG, Rystad Energy

01-12-2022 | 09:08:00
Global oil and gas investments will expand by $26 billion this year as the industry continues its protracted recovery from the worst of the pandemic and the hurdles imposed by the Omicron variant.

Agile software is a boon to manufacturing for Ghana and Rwanda

01-12-2022 | 09:01:00
Processes originally aimed at speedy application development are giving manufacturers the tools to build the next generation of urban-flight and space vehicles in Africa.

Afreximbank et la National Bank of Egypt s’engagent à stimuler les investissements dans le pays

01-12-2022 | 07:59:00
La Banque africaine d’Import-Export (Afreximbank) et la Banque nationale d’Égypte {National Bank of Egyp t– NBE} ont signé un protocole d’accord visant à promouvoir les flux commerciaux et d’investissement en Égypte.

Afreximbank and the National Bank of Egypt commit to drive investments and enhance trade in the country

01-12-2022 | 07:41:02
African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote trade and investment flows into Egypt.

Ababacar Diaw appointed CEO of Allianz Ghana Non-Life

01-11-2022 | 10:01:44
Ababacar Diaw has been nominated as CEO of Allianz Ghana Non-Life, effective January 17th 2022, subject to necessary approvals.

Allianz appoints Abderrahim Dbich as new CEO for Morocco

01-11-2022 | 09:47:28
Allianz Africa announced the appointment of Abderrahim Dbich as CEO of Allianz Maroc, effective January 1st, 2022. He succeeds Joerg Weber, who will take on new responsibilities in the Allianz group.

Proparco partners with BNI Madagascar bank to support growth and development strategy

01-11-2022 | 09:31:00
Proparco is partnering with BNI Madagascar bank to strengthen its equity capital and support its growth strategy.

[Column] Tris Morgan: The future Chief Information Security Officer (CISCO) is a Chief Trust Officer

01-10-2022 | 14:19:54
As the CISO’s role changes, they’re taking on a newfound importance in their organisation and becoming the face of trust - driving strategies forward and enabling the business.

[Column] James Bayhack: Innovations that will reshape business in Kenya in the future

01-10-2022 | 10:12:00
The global crisis introduced the necessity to innovate, forcing many to rethink how they communicate with their customers and repackage product and service offerings for the new landscape.

[Column] Marius Reitz: Three trends Africa’s crypto sector can expect in 2022

01-10-2022 | 09:24:00
For the global cryptocurrency industry, 2021 is likely to be remembered as one of the many years bitcoin broke past its all-time price high and drove the sector even closer towards mainstream adoption.