[Column] Rentia Booysen: It is time to adopt multi-cloud

03-27-2020 | 10:04:17
Companies have been preparing for a multi-cloud world for some time, even if they were not aware of doing so.

[Column] Guy Ryder: Covid-19 has exposed the fragility of our economies

03-27-2020 | 06:29:00
The human dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic reach far beyond the critical health response. All aspects of our future will be affected – economic, social and developmental.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Of coronavirus crisis and the silver lining for Africa

03-26-2020 | 09:12:00
As economies take a hit from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, the crisis is birthing opportunities and continues to create crucial lessons on resilience and adaptation especially in Africa.

[Interview] Jordan Graison, Head of Global Sales, Limonetik

03-25-2020 | 13:23:59
Jordan Graison the Head of Global Sales at Limonetik, a disruptive B2B payment platform providing high standard quality payment services to gateways, acquirers and Tier 1 international merchants.

[Column] John Mc Loughlin: Being alert to cyber threats while working at home

03-25-2020 | 13:23:00
The world is in chaos and everyone is vulnerable, this is the ideal situation for opportunistic cyber attackers who are constantly infiltrating networks and accessing large volumes of data, putting millions of people at risk.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: The Mozambique gas promise and why it epitomizes the African dream

03-25-2020 | 09:23:13
It has been almost exactly ten years since Anadarko drilled the well that would give Mozambique its first major gas find in over sixty years of mostly disappointing oil and gas exploration.

[Column] Alain Tshal: Cybercrime and security controls SMEs should adopt

03-25-2020 | 09:12:53
SMEs are the perfect victims for cybercrime. Focused on getting their businesses off the ground, they are oblivious of the vast amounts of data they're accumulating.

[Startup Interview] Cyrus Mulinge, CEO, Trots Technologies, Kenya

03-24-2020 | 14:37:00
Africa Business Communities interviews the Cyrus Mulinge, the CEO of Trots Technologies, a Kenyan based mobile commerce platform.

[Startup Interview] Mathias Pwol, CEO, Trillaman Studio, Nigeria

03-24-2020 | 14:33:00
Mathias Pwol is the CEO and producer of Trillaman Studio, an entertainment and media startup based in Lagos Nigeria.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: Reskilling workforce to embrace the fourth industrial revolution

03-20-2020 | 13:28:21
While automation and digital technologies are disrupting the workplace as we traditionally know it, it has become imperative for organizations to start reskilling their workforce.

[Column] Soromfe Uzomah: Tech making it easier for SMEs to do business in Africa

03-20-2020 | 11:42:04
Last year’s World Bank Doing Business report indicate the overall business climate in sub-Saharan Africa is steadily improving.

[Startup Interview] Stanley Njeru, CEO, Buyer Logistics Limited, Kenya

03-17-2020 | 13:05:02
Stanley Njeru is the CEO of Buyer Logistics Limited, a Kenyan-based startup offering freight forwading, custom clearance, warehousing and motor vehicle importation services.

[Column] John Woollam: Remote working in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

03-17-2020 | 12:06:48
With the coronavirus pandemic declared a national disaster in South Africa, businesses need to consider how they are going to maintain normal operations if employees are quarantined, or asked to stay home.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: Opportunities for African oil producers post OPEC+

03-17-2020 | 09:34:00
Sometimes it is easy to forget how interconnected human lives across the globe have become.

[Column] Lee Naik: Rediscovering humanity in a tech world

03-16-2020 | 13:06:54
From the Black Mirror series to the recent Terminator sequel, Hollywood keeps showing us pessimistic visions of the future.

[Column] Andy Papastefanou: eSignatures- A modern system of agreement

03-12-2020 | 05:55:00
In the digital age, the world is innovating at an exponential rate. As 4IR drives digital transformation, electronic signatures are becoming ever more prevalent. Now the question arises; how does one prove consent?

[Startup Interview] Nathaniel Ndegwa, Managing Director, Tipping Point Media, Kenya

03-11-2020 | 12:44:00
Nathaniel Ndegwa is the Managing Director of Tipping Point Media, a Kenyan digital marketing startup that has now grown its clientele to 15 countries.

[Column] Andrew Skudder: Digital trends that will shape the construction industry in 2020

03-11-2020 | 12:09:00
From cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), to 5G and mobility, a key trend in 2020 is the accelerated digitization of construction companies.

[Column] Georgie Midgley: Gig economy can bolster job creation in Africa

03-11-2020 | 08:54:16
Artificial intelligence, blockchain architecture, robotics, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality - these concepts are all going to disrupt the way humans work, live and interact.

[Column] Steve Tzikakis: Moving from improving customer's experience to revolutionizing it

03-10-2020 | 14:12:00
Senior business leaders often ask me what new technology they should be investing in to improve their customer experience and loyalty.