[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: AWS is tapping into Africa’s cloud skills base

05-13-2021 | 12:44:10
This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that it will be bringing its re/Start cloud skills training program to Kenya and South Africa this month as part of its rapid expansion plans this year.

[Column] Achare Takor: Incentives for promoting innovative ICT start-ups in Cameroon

05-13-2021 | 11:17:00
With ICT set to become the engine of development in Cameroon in its role as a hub in the Central Africa sub-region, the 2021 tax scheme has been updated to promote innovative ICT start-ups.

[Column] Mohamed Mikou: Behind the buzzword - What innovation really means for modern businesses

05-13-2021 | 10:40:09
In a rapidly changing world, organisations need to be able to adapt and transform at speed: in fact, change management is the most important soft skill for businesses of today.

[Column] Ian Lessem: Why a wave of technology giants will come from Africa

05-13-2021 | 09:17:00
Ian Lessem, Managing Partner at HAVAÍC, investors in early-stage, high-growth technology businesses, notes a significant increase in investment demand for African technology startups.

[Interview] Moulaye Taboure, Co-founder, Afrikrea e-Commerce

05-12-2021 | 09:13:00
Moulaye Taboure is the CEO/Co-founder of Afrikrea, an Africa focused e-commerce platform operating out of Côte d’Ivoire.

[Column] Vinod Madhavan : After a cautious start, Africa’s policymakers should accelerate adoption of AfCFTA

05-11-2021 | 15:17:00
If successful, AfCFTA is expected to boost intra-African trade from the low levels of c. 17% seen today, which in turn will promote industrialisation and economic growth.

[Column] Matthew Munyiri: Using Google Workspace will impact your business for the better

05-11-2021 | 13:00:00
Things have changed. There’s no more chit chat by the water cooler anymore, office banter has been replaced with emojis and meeting greetings have been replaced from “Hello” to “Hello, can you hear me?”

[Interview] Lino G. TOKPO, CEO, GENIEUP Group, Benin

05-10-2021 | 13:58:00
Lino G. Tokpo is the founder and CEO of GENIEUP Group, a young Beninese company which mainly intervenes in supporting local businesses through product distribution.

[Column] Jon Tullett: Speed to Value - Accelerating resilience and business continuity

05-10-2021 | 12:34:54
Cloud transformation that allows for robust disaster recovery and business continuity can be anything from evolving legacy infrastructure into the cloud, to going deeper into cloud practices.

[Column] Simon Ngunjiri: South Africa is one of the biggest cloud markets in Africa

05-10-2021 | 12:25:00
South Africa has been described as one of the biggest cloud markets in Africa. The country is also Africa’s largest data center market, accounting for ~60% of the continent’s available MTDC power supply.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Regulatory overreach is impeding economic growth

05-10-2021 | 07:47:54
Naturally, regulations are a prerequisite for any nation or institution. When effectively implemented, they create an enabling environment for competitiveness by enforcing fair business practices

[Column] Michelle Dickens: Are South African companies ready for Protection of Personal Information Act?

05-07-2021 | 06:32:52
The majority of organisations are not yet compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) which becomes effective on 1 July this year.

[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off in Africa

05-06-2021 | 12:23:14
As the world went into pandemic lockdown in 2020, consumers in Africa shifted their spending habits to embrace contactless tap-and-go payments and online shopping.

[Column] Ryan Mer: South Africa can prevent payments fraud crippling businesses and local municipalities

05-06-2021 | 08:55:00
The technology required to protect organisations against fraud and error made through incorrect, fraudulently changed, or maliciously altered payee information is readily available.

[Interview] Marvin Akankwasa, CEO, Social Lend Africa, Uganda

05-05-2021 | 14:31:29
Social Lend Africa is a Uganda-based financial technology company that facilitates transactions between micro-lenders and small business owners on its web and mobile app

[Column] Joanne Yawitch: Climate change and sustainability: Demystifying the Just Transition

05-05-2021 | 14:25:00
Beyond its environmental components, addressing climate change is about economic competitiveness and opportunity.

[Column] Chido Pamela Mafongoya, Veedushi Mooloo: How Mauritius can take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area

05-05-2021 | 06:21:00
The AfCFTA gives Mauritius market access estimated to be as large as 1.3 billion people across Africa, with a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of $3.4 trillion.

[Column] Angela Kyerematen Jimoh: Women playing a key role in driving impact through technology in Africa

05-04-2021 | 09:27:43
An IBM study shows that only 1 in 4 global organizations have made gender equity a business priority - and there are now fewer women in the pipeline to fill senior executive roles than there were in 2019.

[Column] Judith Obholzer: How mobile money can help shape resilient societies across Africa

05-04-2021 | 07:37:00
For millions of people who have limited access to banking services, rural communities, families living in pandemic-related isolation and vulnerable members of society in particular, digital financial services have been a critical lifeline.

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Google is going big on cloud in Africa

05-03-2021 | 12:29:00
With 24 regions and 73 zones in 17 countries, Google Cloud delivers high-performance, low-latency cloud services to customers.