Team Europe backs new Guinea-Mali power line with €330m financing to provide clean, affordable energy in West Africa
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Team Europe is backing the new Guinea-Mali 225 kV power line with €330 million financing to provide clean and affordable energy to millions in West Africa.

This new EU support for the interconnector project between the hydroelectric power plants of Guinea and Mali as part of the West African Power Pool will provide millions of people in the region will access to clean and affordable energy. Once complete the new 225 kV interconnector power line will provide an alternative to expensive and unreliable generators on the electricity grid and supply green power to local villages and the wider region.

The completion of the 225 kV Linsan-Fomi interconnector will link the Guinea-Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea (CLSG), and Gambia River Basin Development Organisation (OMVG) projects, covering extensive rural electrification programmes along the power line corridors.

The new 340 km, 225 kV transmission line traversing Guinea from west to east between the Linsan (Labé region) and Fomi (Kankan region) substations will link the Kaléta and Souapiti hydroelectric power plants (with total capacity of 690 MW), as well as other facilities, to the West African Power Pool. It will include long-distance transmission links (also financed by the EIB) to Mali, Senegal and the Gambia to the west and north, and Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the east and south.

In concrete terms, the new interconnector will connect two currently separate regional networks (Gambia River Basin Development Organisation (OMVG) and the 225 kV Guinea-Mali interconnector), and provide a reliable and more environmentally friendly alternative to expensive generators and power plants using imported fuel oil.

The 225 kV Linsan-Fomi transmission line scheme includes construction of new local electricity distribution plants to supply rural villages close to the new line and transmission plants to connect to existing energy infrastructure.

The total €300 million EIB financing and €30 million EU grant support for the 225 kV Guinea-Mali interconnector will complement financing provided by Guinea and Mali, as well as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the West African Development Bank and ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development.

The new 225 kV Linsan-Fomi electric transmission line passes through environmentally sensitive forests. Women from local communities will be employed to reforest more than 3 100 ha of dense woodland and wooded savannah and replace forests removed in a 40 metre corridor along the 340 km line, to protect primates from electrocution. Local birdlife will also be managed through ornithological monitoring in accordance with Birdlife International measures.