National Bank of Angola grants Unitel license for financial services
09-05-2022 10:07:41 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 7065 | Tags:

The National Bank of Angola (BNA) has granted a Payment Service Provider license to Unitel Serviços Financeiros Móveis (SU), SA, at the request of this operator.

The granting of the license, based on the order of the governor of BNA, José de Lima Massano is in line with one of the priority actions of the National Plan for Financial Inclusion, which involves guaranteeing the population greater access to financial services network.

With the granting of a Payment Service Provider license to UNITEL Serviços Financeiros Móvel (SU), SA, BNA intends to massify financial inclusion through mobile and instant transfers, commonly known as mobile payments or mobile money.

After the launch of Bankita accounts as well as simplified accounts, Banco Nacional de Angola takes another step towards increasing the number of citizens with access to basic financial services for the equivalent of 50% of the adult population, by the end of 2022.

In addition, bearing in mind that financial inclusion is a fundamental condition for sustainable economic development, Banco Nacional de Angola has participated in actions leading to the creation of a modern and inclusive payment ecosystem.

The new payment system law, the content of which will allow new types of financial institutions (fintechs) to enter, as well as the Payment System Innovation Laboratory ( are some of these actions.