CreditCare Tech partners with Moneygram to expands trusted service in Nigeria and more locations globally
21-09-2022 11:39:24 | by: Marlene Mutimawase | hits: 1742 | Tags:

 Creditcare Technology, an innovative, multinational consumer finance company announced that they have partnered with MoneyGram International, Inc., a global leader in the evolution of digital P2P payments, to expand further into the emerging markets of the Philippines, Vietnam, and, now Nigeria with Moneygram.

CreditCare provides formal, innovative financial products, including personal loans and remittances, to the unbanked population, with a fully digital experience or at CreditCare’s 35,000 brick-and-mortar locations.

The spokesperson at CreditCare Technology stated, “The partnership with MoneyGram is a significant milestone in our mission to bring inclusive financial services to users in emerging markets. We believe financial services should be easy, low-cost, and accessible to not just 10% of the population. The CreditCare and MoneyGram partnership provides greater access, security, and simplicity for people to remit funds and get access to lines of credit.”

Rolled out in January 2019, thousands of customers immediately responded to obtain low-cost, affordable lines of credit. After two years of repeated rejections by financial regulators, Founder Julia G. Ko through hard work and persistence, secured non-depository bank licenses valid for 50 years in the Philippines and Vietnam. There are just six compelling competitors to service 105 million people per country market due to strong financial regulation and oversight.

With regulatory approval, Ko was able to integrate with a network of infrastructure consisting of 20,000+ physical locations, operated by SoftBank subsidiaries, to service consumers. This includes convenient physical locations like 7-11 stores, SM Mall, Robison’s Groceries, and BDO Banks. CreditCare is further expanding to an additional 12,000 locations with Moneygram International, and now, into Nigeria utilizing Moneygram’s backend infrastructure and 9 partner banks.

Founder, Julia G. Ko was driven to build the fintech business from scratch with no known connections in the emerging markets to improve the lives of consumers. “The digital revolution has accelerated financial access for EMs, and decreased the high cost of customer acquisitions with increased efficiency in underwriting. This presents compelling investment opportunities and cross selling of products within fast-growing economies,” said Julia G. Ko, Founder of CreditCare Technology. ”We are excited to make digital financial products available to a broader range of populations. Increased financial access accelerates GDP up to an impressive 14% in EMs. By helping drive economic development, we improve the lives of women and by proxy, their families.”

Creditcare Technology expands access for 450+ million and gives digital financial identities in vital emerging economies. They are trying to solve the problem of financial exclusion by digitizing valuable analog customer data and creating a 360-degree profile of their customers. CreditCare is a non-depository bank in emerging markets.

They act as a direct lender and there is no intermediary and the customer experience is 100% online. Though the majority chose the physical location for the disbursement and repayments.