Baron & Cabot launches new base in Kenya and Nigeria to expand investment opportunities in Africa
08-04-2022 10:26:04 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 5185 | Tags:

Baron & Cabot, a UK property investment company has launched its new base in Kenya and Nigeria to help Kenyans and Nigerians invest in property within the UK in a simple and effective way.

Investing in property in the UK is greatly considered to be one of the lowest risk investments in the world, with consistent long-term returns factored in by continuous growth within the country. Baron & Cabot has built a market leading research strategy for the investor to simply just choose what would be suitable for them. The investor is also granted a step-by-step guide on sourcing the right property to purchase in the UK. This gives the investor the power and confidence to ask the right questions for profitable property investment.

Mark Pearson, Founder, Baron & Cabot: “Baron & Cabot is undoubtedly the fastest growing UK property investment company in the world. We aim to help Kenyans and Nigerians with the ability to provide mortgages and buying of property through thorough research for the safety of their investment in the UK. As the demand for property investment rises within African investors, our main goal is to make sure the process of property investment always remains transparent and simple.” 

A great opportunity presented by the UK is that foreigners can legally buy property or have banks offer favourable mortgage terms for investment. This investment platform gives Africans an opportunity to invest in property with ease and without limitations. Thus, while seeking to invest in property, Baron & Cabot stands out to be the paramount property investment organization that an investor can trust through the investment process.

James Walsh, Head of Sales, Baron & Cabot Research: “Our introduction in Kenya and Nigeria will greatly impact property investment and sourcing in the UK, thus creating more options for investors.”

Baron & Cabot has worked with investors across the world and impacted many from their first to fifty first properties. This expansion creates a great opportunity for African investors.