Aktif Bank opened its first international representative office in Rwanda
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Putting away the distance between Africa and Turkey by carrying out  various services as part of their foreign trade operations, Aktif Bank has now become the trailblazer in the sector.

Upon the approval granted by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) and the National Bank of Rwanda, Aktif Bank has opened its first international representative office in Kigali, Rwanda, a country in East Africa. This will further allow Aktif Bank to amplify its operations with the continent and adding more banks to its current network of 350. 

Maintaining its operations as based on its vision to become a worldwide service provider thanks to its ever expanding banking network, Aktif Bank opened its Representative Office in Rwanda by making an innovation to bolster up its position in Africa further.

Having become the first foreign-invested (non-African) commercial bank that has opened an office in Rwanda, Aktif Bank will now be able to be closer to business partners in East Africa and ameliorate the support it gives to the Turkish exporters.
Having stated that they aspire to put away the distance between Africa and Turkey by means of such expansion,

Muzaffer Suat Utku, Aktif Bank's Executive Vice President in charge of International Banking, said; "We, as Aktif Bank, are providing the Turkish exporters with foreign trade solutions and facilitating their lives thanks to the correspondent relationship we have established with more than 350 African banks. We are aiming for taking such operations of ours much further by the new Representative Office we have established in Rwanda, a country in the East Africa. Having a strategic significance due to its geographical position, Rwanda is also among the African countries with a critical potential with its annual growth rate expected to be reported approximately as 10 percent for the next year''

He added: ''We made our first expansion in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, as based upon the accessibility to the other African countries, in addition to the stable political and economic environment in the country.  We feel pleased and excited not only for being the first foreign bank that has opened an office in Rwanda but also for having opened our first international office in such a beautiful city".