[Interview] Lydie N Murorunkwere, CEO, JurisTax Rwanda ltd, Rwanda
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Lydie Nyombayire Murorunkwere from Rwanda has over 15 years of successful business management experience providing strategic and operational leadership. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Lyon, France and now is the CEO of JurisTax Rwanda Ltd, a company which specializes in Company Formation, Fund Administration and Investor Services, Provision of Professional Services and Financial Advice.

Tell us a bit about JurisTax Rwanda Ltd?

In an increasingly specialized world, it has become more than necessary to outsource a number of administrative and financial activities to a specialized and experienced service provider.

JurisTax has been in existence for over a decade and currently has a fund administration portfolio valued at over US $ 5 billion with 2,000 loyal and satisfied customers. Today, in a desire to expand on the African continent, JurisTax has decided to expand its activities starting with Rwanda. Our main mission is to be able to provide our expertise and know-how in order to stimulate and contribute to financial and economic growth.

Our areas of expertise remain focused primarily on setting up of companies, Fund administration and investor services, The provision of professional services (accounting, auditing, secretarial services, administration) and Financial advisory.

When and why was JurisTax Rwanda Ltd put in place?

JurisTax is a private and diversified group specialized in financial services since 2008. We continuously help our international clients to structure, preserve and grow their capital in a compliant and sustainable environment, while relying on business clusters and the network of trusted JurisTax partners. The ultimate goal of the group is for customers to benefit from customized solutions while enjoying the benefits of "big business" type operations.

JurisTax's growing presence on the African continent testifies to the trust and loyalty placed in it. It also demonstrates today how our fully integrated global footprint model applies local knowledge to the benefit of all stakeholders associated with JurisTax Rwanda Ltd.

Today, and for more than two years, JurisTax is particularly interested in Rwanda because it has also not only established a strong network of Double Taxation Non-Taxation Agreements (DTAA) with many countries but also concluded agreements protection of investments with several countries such as the United States, Germany, Belgium and South Korea.

In your opinion, what are JurisTax's competitive advantages?

- JurisTax Rwanda is part of the JurisTax Group which has over a decade of experience in fund administration and accounting services.

- JurisTax has qualified human capital ready to meet all the requirements of its customers.

- JurisTax provides tailor-made fund services to its 2,000 diverse clients and has to date administered funds amounting to $ 5 billion.

- JurisTax Rwanda always devotes a team of qualified administrators and accountants to the daily management of your future entities under administration.

- JurisTax, including the essential requirement of data security, guarantees information security by providing a management system certified with internationally recognized data (security standard, ISO 27001, which is today one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of experiencing a data breach). JurisTax also uses the Pacific Fund Systems PFS-PAXUS, one of the world's leading accounting and administration applications.

What makes JurisTax Rwanda Ltd unique from other companies that offer similar services if there is?

Thanks to our extensive network of global partners and our tireless entrepreneurial spirit, we support our clients through the most complex business issues, from business structuring and fund management to major issues of digital innovation and estate planning. We have at our disposal a network of more than 100 highly qualified professionals, whose expertise covers many areas such as taxation, accounting, business, law and compliance, and we use all this knowledge to support each entity or individual to achieve its strategic, operational and administrative objectives. In addition, knowing that we now live in a world where markets are dynamic, we remain on the lookout for the latest developments, so that we can always adapt our solutions to new realities.

What do you think JurisTax Rwanda Ltd needs to grow and prosper?

We should first start by appreciating and underlining the unremitting efforts of the Rwandan government to put in place a number of reforms affecting the legal and tax system to attract the greatest number of investors. These reforms allow us today to be able to operate easily in this market. Nevertheless, we must constantly "be up to date" in order to be able to best serve the interests of our clients and contribute to their development. Therefore, it requires a lot of resources in human, financial and technical terms to remain competitive.

What can you say about the changes and developments that your business has undergone since its inception?

Although in its early days JurisTax focused primarily on retail services, today it has grown to become the unwavering premier fund administrator for medium and large African funds and asset managers, in the sectors of infrastructure, health care, energy and consumer products, among others. JurisTax is now present in South Africa, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, China.

Tell us a bit about the competition in your industry and how are you overcoming it?

As we operate in a small market, it is true that we must multiply our efforts to be able to acquire new customers and retain them. We rely heavily on experience and expertise, continuous training of our employees, marketing campaigns throughout the year and we rely on our network of informants and close collaboration with the various regulators.

What is the biggest threat to your business and your industry?

The greatest threat would be related to unexpected changes in the regulatory and judicial system and that we can no longer provide a solid, secure and attractive framework to attract the investors.

What are JurisTax Rwanda Ltd plans for 2021?

JurisTax Rwanda ltd plans for 2021 are to increase the visibility of the Company which will attract potential clients to Rwanda and be the gateway to Africa for Africa, become the reference service provider for companies in Rwanda and in the region in the medium to long term for anyone wishing to invest in Rwanda and Africa, provide world class customer support services and Be the premier trust service provider while bringing international service to Rwanda.