[Interview] Louis Ojong, CEO, King Investment Group
21-07-2022 14:35:00 | by: Marlene Mutimawase | hits: 4769 | Tags:

Louis Ojong is the CEO of King Investment Group, a company that operates in Financial Services, Software Technology and Education/Training. Louis sheds more light on King Investment Group in contribution of African knowledge economy.

How will Africa develop as a knowlegde economy in 2022 and how can companies contribute?

One of the major ways for Africa to develop as a knowledge economy is to embrace the use of technology. With this, data collection and sharing becomes a vital tool through which quality data/information can be shared to speed up growth. Nations and Companies as such need to use technology and allow for transparency in data and information sharing. Data centers could be created in strategies locations in the continent data consolidation, analysis and sharing.

What are the opportunities for Agribusiness and Agritech in Africa in 2022?

Agribusiness and Agritech remains aspects that would foster rapid growth and development of the African economy. There remains a huge market to be exploited in the continent in this services. The sector needs more advance technology for example; we are about to start the building of a software that links farmers and buyers/suppliers of farm products. And also, this sector needs a lot of financing. Funds are needed to be pumped into this sector and more technicians trained to equiped the sector. King Investments Group has this sector as a potential area to inject funding in form of loans and technology to improve the products/services rendered by this sector.

King Investments Group created in 2020, is a company offering services in three subsidiairies; King Investment Finance - Micro Finance Institution ( Accounts, Loan Facilities and Money Transfers), King Software Technology – KISOTEC ( Build customized software application, builds websites and carry on ads on Google and social media platforms) and King Training Center ( Training on: Entrepreneurship, Business management, specialized program on Credit/Risk Analysis, Web Development, Programming and Coding).

What is your company’s growth strategy for 2022?

In 2022, as at the end of the first half, we have developed new products in the KISOTEC subsidiary; the CCTV Survelliance System and the Human Resource Management System. We have also extended our KISOTEC services/products to other parts of Cameroon like Douala and Buea this 2022 and we hope to open branches in these cities before end of 2022.

What are the long term ambitions you’re aiming for, as an organization? 

We are presently into negotiations with new partners in Eswatini, Zambia and Tanzania to expand our products/services into these countries. We are hoping to digitalize and empower 30% of businesses in Africa by 2040. Branches will be opened in at least 16 countries in Africa. The markets targeted are the Micro Financial Services, Software Technology and Education/Training.

Any news or information from your organization you’d like to share?

King Investments Group is seeking for investors in other to effectively occupy the market in Africa most especially. Our scope of services is quite broad and our means at the moment is limited. And we are partnering with Ebenezer Educational Group to offer Free Summer Holiday Training to Pupils and Secondary School Students.