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[Africa Prosperity Dialogue]: Africa needs modern, harmonised regulations for universal broadband coverage

02-01-2023 | 13:02:18
MTN Group President and CEO Ralph Mupita has called for the modernisation and harmonisation of regulatory frameworks across Africa as well as the collective effort of all stakeholders to ensure that the continent can deliver universal broadband coverage by 2030.

Apparel Group to announces joint venture with Steve Madden to expand its global presence

02-01-2023 | 12:26:12
Apparel Group aims to significantly expand Steve Madden’s footprint in the GCC, Africa, Türkiye, CIS countries and South Asia.

Phatisa invests into leading East & West African packaging and printing company MHL International

02-01-2023 | 12:12:00
Phatisa takes a significant minority stake in The Manipal Group Company – MHL International Holdings Limited – a leading printing & packaging provider, particularly into the food & beverage sector

AfDB’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa hits $1 billion investment milestone in lending to women entrepreneurs in Africa

01-31-2023 | 11:27:57
The African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) initiative has reached a landmark $1 billion in approved funding designated for lending to African women entrepreneurs.

Dalia Hospitality, Nouvel investisseur pour l’hospitality en Afrique

01-30-2023 | 13:36:00
Création en Côte d’Ivoire de Dalia Hospitality, premier fonds d’investissement dédié au secteur du tourisme en Afrique et en Europe.

Accord FONSIS et GGGI pour accroitre l’Investissement et l’accès à la Finance climatique au Sénégal

01-30-2023 | 12:39:00
Le Fonds Souverain d’Investissements Stratégiques (FONSIS) et l'institut Mondial pour la croissance verte (GGGI) ont conclu un Protocole d’accord autour d’un programme d’entreprenariat vert « accroitre l’investissement et l’accès à la finance climatique au Sénégal ».

AfricInvest Fund IV invests in Justrite, a leading Nigerian retail store, to support footprint expansion

01-30-2023 | 12:18:00
Justrite company provides everyday essentials, such as groceries, confectionaries, and clothing to consumers in largely underserved neighborhoods.

[Sommet Nourrir l’Afrique] :10 milliards de dollars pour faire de l’Afrique le grenier du monde

01-30-2023 | 11:14:00
Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement prévoit d’investir dix milliards de dollars au cours des cinq prochaines années pour aider l’Afrique à éradiquer la faim et devenir le principal fournisseur de denrées alimentaires pour elle-même et pour le reste du monde.

Kasada acquiert le Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa a Saly, Au Senegal

01-30-2023 | 09:47:31
Kasada, plateforme indépendante de private equity immobilier dédiée à l’hôtellerie en Afrique subsaharienne et leader sur son segment, a annoncé l'acquisition de l'un des complexes hôteliers les plus en vue du Sénégal : le Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa.

Kasada va developper un combo hotelier adjacent au plus grand projet de developpement

01-26-2023 | 14:27:52
Ce nouveau complexe constituera un nouveau centre urbain et un pôle d’attraction local avec un impact significatif sur le dynamisme de ce quartier en plein développement.

Startup Boost Capital, une initiative de financement de projets startups ivoiriennes

01-26-2023 | 13:57:00
Le Ministre Mamadou Touré lance officiellement l’initiative "startup boost capital" dotée de 1 milliard de FCFA.

AGF partners with crowdfunding platform to increase impact investing for SMEs in Africa

01-26-2023 | 13:46:38
African Guarantee Fund (AGF) has partnered with Frankfurt-based bettervest, a crowdfunding platform, to increase financing of sustainable SME projects in Africa.

BOAD et EDC pour un financement de mise en place la plateforme unifiée et ouverte de Vidéo-Protection Urbaine

01-26-2023 | 13:15:00
La BOAD et EDC sont fières d’annoncer le succès de leur mandat de co-arrangement d’un financement de 70,1 milliards FCFA en faveur de l’Etat de Côte d’Ivoire dans le cadre de la mise en place de la plateforme unifiée et ouverte de Vidéo-Protection Urbaine (VPU) en Côte d’Ivoire.

BPR Bank Rwanda PLC appointed Ms. Mutesi Patience as the new Managing Director

01-26-2023 | 12:03:00
Patience Mutesi will be the new Managing Director of BPR Bank Rwanda, a subsidiary of KCB Group, replacing George Odhiambo, who was assigned new duties in KCB Group.

Africa Plus Partners lists carbon mitigation fund on Nigerian Exchange

01-25-2023 | 13:14:47
In another significant move towards championing sustainable investing in Africa, Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) has announced the listing of Africa Infra Plus Fund (AIPF I), a 20.5bn closed-end infrastructure fund, on the Exchange commemorated with a Closing Gong Ceremony.

[Column] Darryl Pietersen: How financial innovation is moving the global money movement in Ghana

01-19-2023 | 11:20:52
Innovation is a crucial driver of economic development in Ghana, and over the past few years, adopting disruptive technologies has accelerated rapidly.

How investing abroad can help Nigeria grow, Commonwealth of Dominica

01-17-2023 | 08:35:00
With the economic and political uncertainty that so many Nigerians are feeling about the upcoming elections, many affluent businesspeople are considering whether to continue investing their hard-earned money further in the country or invest elsewhere.

[Column] Innocent Dutiro: The delicate balancing act of South Africa interest rate increases

12-08-2022 | 10:51:15
Banks are responding by including new customer experiences, upgrading their core banking systems, introducing cloud solutions, and implementing other new technology platform solutions while managing employee change fatigue.

[Column] Reda Helal: African banks embrace digitalization, the region’s unbanked in their sights

11-21-2022 | 05:10:00
As Africa’s mobile money revolution continues apace, the continent’s banks are keen to expedite the digitalisation of their services as they seek to become key players in the rapidly evolving, internet-based financial services market.

[Column] Luigi Marinus: Positioning portfolios during market volatility

11-14-2022 | 10:46:00
Thus far, 2022 has been a challenging time for investors. Geopolitical tension, central banks globally aggressively hiking rates to curb multi-decade high inflation, and a lacklustre global growth outlook.

[Column] Gbenga Okejimi: The global benefits of online transfers in Ghana

11-10-2022 | 09:38:10
A combination of rapidly evolving technology and the restrictions imposed by the COVID -19 pandemic has resulted in nothing short of a revolution in the online money transfer sector.

[column] Frans Frida: Positioning Africa MSMEs to tap into and benefit from the AfCFTA

10-28-2022 | 14:58:00
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a continental treaty that seeks to, among other things, eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers that have hindered intracontinental trade and the movement of people and goods for centuries on the continent.

[chronique] Marlene Mutimawase: Les systèmes bancaires en Afrique sont-ils adaptés aux jeunes?

10-26-2022 | 10:07:00
2,5 milliards de personnes,plus de la moitié des adultes actifs dans le monde sont exclues des services financiers. Ce phénomène est particulièrement marqué chez les populations à faible revenu des économies émergentes et en développement, où environ 80 % des pauvres sont exclus.

[column] Marlene Mutimawase: are banking systems in Africa youth friendly?

10-26-2022 | 09:53:00
2.5 billion - more than half of the world’s working adults- are excluded from financial services. This is most acute among low-income populations in emerging and developing economies, where approximately 80% of poor people are excluded.

[Column] Michelle Swanepoel: How post-trade could shape the future of ESG investments

10-20-2022 | 10:59:44
Investment strategies that are built on specific ethical factors are not new. The principles underpinning environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment predate the 1960s.

[Column] Andrew Springate: What merchants and consumers need to know about Registered Mandate Services (RMS)

08-17-2022 | 09:44:00
When South Africa became the first country in the world to launch Authenticated Collections (Debicheck), replacing EDO (AEDO & NAEDO) with DebiCheck in 2021, consumers and merchants breathed a collective sigh of relief.

[Column] Sandy Rheeder: A mobile-led risk-based approach is crucial to achieving financial inclusion in Africa

07-29-2022 | 10:19:00
Fintechs that are innovating, operating and growing throughout Africa have moved on from the broad academic concept of financial inclusion to the practical onboarding and walking hand in hand with underserved people along a financial journey.

[Column] Miranda Abraham: African countries face challenge of prohibitively expensive bond market fund raising

07-22-2022 | 10:38:28
While the quality of African sovereigns hasn’t declined, risk appetite amongst typical bond investors certainly has and this has pushed pricing up to prohibitively high levels.

[Interview] Louis Ojong, CEO, King Investment Group

07-21-2022 | 14:35:00
Louis Ojong is the CEO of King Investment Group, a company that operates in Financial Services, Software Technology and Education/Training. Louis sheds more light on King Investment Group in contribution of African knowledge economy.

[Column] Mark Dankworth: Fintechs set to transform cross-border payments in Africa

07-19-2022 | 08:58:22
As mobile penetration continues apace in Africa, the continent is ready to take the next steps toward cross-border solutions that are cheaper, faster, more secure than ever before.