Value chains project supported by the AfDB helps increase animal production, income of agro-entrepreneurs in Gambia
12-05-2021 08:33:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 4668 | Tags:

The Agricultural Value Chains Development Project , implemented since 2016 in The Gambia, has increased animal production and the income of agripreneurs, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The project, funded to the tune of $ 8.6 million, had a dual objective: to improve food and nutrition security and reduce rural poverty in The Gambia through the rice and livestock value chains. Since 2016, meat production has increased by 33% in the project intervention area, which is above the final target of 30%. In addition, the income of livestock agro-entrepreneurs rose from $ 19.53 to $ 32.23 per beneficiary (approximately 10,500 to 17,400 CFA).

Some 283 hectares of land - out of a target of 333 hectares - have been developed for pump irrigation. The project made it possible to build 60 enclosures for rams, a water point for livestock, three warehouses for the storage of paddy rice, four paddy rice drying areas and three modern, hygienic and integrated slaughterhouses. In addition, 35 poultry programs have been developed and 17.8 kilometers of access roads constructed.

These achievements have thus improved the yield of rice production to six tonnes per hectare in the project intervention area, the annual production of poultry meat by 135 tonnes (out of a target of 150 tonnes) and the production of meat from small ruminants weighing 100 tonnes.

Since the implementation of the project, starter kits have been distributed to 544 farmers (seeds, fertilizers, soils and water management skills) and 1,036 livestock agro-entrepreneurs (basic stock of small ruminants, veterinary drugs). In addition, 1,350 existing and / or new actors of the innovative platform and farmer organizations - men, women and young people - have been trained in technical and commercial questions on rice and livestock products.

The agricultural value chain development project in The Gambia has created 8,635 direct and indirect jobs. Ultimately, at the end of December 2021, some 12,450 jobs should be created.

The AfDB intimates that project is likely to achieve its development objective but to achieve this objective, the project must also focus on the organization and capacity building of beneficiaries, as underlined during previous supervision missions.