New dam set to benefit 250,000 Burkina Faso farmers with improved irrigation
06-12-2019 10:05:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4596 | Tags:

Saudi Fund for Development has partnered with the government of Burkina Faso to inaugurate a $130 million dam that is set to benefit 250,000 farmers with improved irrigation and land reclamation.

Located in the Samendini Valley,350km from the capital city, the dam will enhance food security and agriculture production in the draught affected region. Funded by the SFD and other Arab and African lending partners, the new dam will benefit approximately 250,000 farmers and residents through the irrigation and reclamation of over 1500 hectares of new agricultural land, which is set to increase to 23,000 hectares in the final stages of this integral development project.

It will also facilitate access to cleaner, affordable power through a Hydro-Powered Generator that will produce 2.6MW of electricity, helping residents from the region.

Commenting about the event, Mr. Mohammed Al Jenaidel, Senior Advisor to SFD said:“We are proud to have taken part in a project that will help eradicate poverty and bring life changing benefits to the people of Burkina Faso, where we have been actively involved in since 1975.

Coming from a desert nation, we understand that water is the most important of nature’s resources, and we are committed to supporting water resource management projects in drought affected regions of the world.”

During their visit to Burkina Faso, the SFD delegation participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the 200-bed Manga Hospital, which was recipient of a loan contribution from the Fund. The hospital is the first primary healthcare facility in the region and construction began on December 1, 2019.