[Angola] Young entrepreneur bets on tomato processing plant to boost production, create jobs
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A tomato production and processing project will be implemented in the second quarter of 2020 in Huila province, according to Erikson de Carvalho, a young entrepreneur.

The initiative awaits processing machinery and will be implemented on a 27-hectare farm, with four dedicated for planting.

The farm is located in the commune of Hoque, municipality of Lubango, and with the implementation of the project at least 40 direct jobs will be created.

Erikson de Carvalho explained that tomato production will be done three times a year, for a harvest of 300 tons per year, of which 50 percent will be used to process tomato pulp, ketchup and tomato paste. to be marketed, according to the owner.

The 28-year-old said he needed funding to complete the project.

 According to the young businessman, there is already an investment of 28 million Kwanzas, but considering the space and the feasibility study for it, the project has an estimated in the order of $500,000

He noted that the major difficulty remains access to finance, so bank policies should be improved for micro and small entrepreneurs, as the demands made by financial institutions are not appropriate for entrepreneurs, especially because they have their own needs.

The entrepreneur, owner of the company “EACS, Erikson Armando, Construções e Serviços”, said that he directly employed 50 workers and 20 indirect workers. But currently it has only 10 direct, due to the economic situation of the country. It had to close its services in Cunene province.

“we provided students with school meals and food services to Cuvelai hospital, but we closed due to the country's current economic climate, leaving the local government with a public debt of 40 million kwanzas, contracted in 2014 and 2015,” he said.

The expectation of the entrepreneur, in the next 15 to 20 years, is to turn his company into a large enterprise and thus be able to employ at least 300 people, directly and indirectly.

The company “EACS, Erikson Armando, Constructions and Services” has been in existence since April 2012 and provides construction and public works, rent-a-car, designer, catering and general food trade.

Most of the tomato consumed in Huila comes from Namibe and Benguela, and locally the production of this vegetable is residual in some valleys of Lubango and Caluquembe, as well as the Matala irrigation canal.

The province does not have any processing plant at the moment, the only one being in Matala and had a funding of six million euros ten years ago to be rehabilitated, but the contractor fled.