Angola readies for agribusiness census
18-03-2020 12:37:07 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 8283 | Tags:

At least a thousand technicians, including enumerators, supervisors, cartographers and computer experts, are mobilized, throughout the country, for the Agro-Livestock and Fisheries Census (RAPP), scheduled for May this year.

This was revealed by cartography technician of the Central Office of the RAPP, Geraldo Ginga, on the sidelines of the end of the training of cartographers, supervisors and information workers who will work on the referred process at the level of the provinces of Malanje, Lunda South, Lunda Norte and Moxico.

According to Geraldo, in a first phase, the cartographers, computer experts, supervisors and provincial cartographers are being trained, followed by the training of enumerators, which will be distributed according to the fishing, agricultural and livestock potential of each region, in order to monitor the quality of information collected in the field.

The official recalled that the RAPP is the first census to be carried out in the country after independence and aims to provide essential indicators on agriculture, livestock and fisheries, in order to have reliable data on the real production capacity in both sectors and allow the creation of a integrated statistical system.

He added that the Agro-Livestock and Fisheries Census will support the formulation of Government sectoral policies and programs, in addition to helping to monitor the evolution of living conditions of the population residing in the national territory.

Financed by the World Bank and the Government of Angola, RAPP counts on technical assistance from FAO (United Nations Food Fund).

The project is coordinated by the National Statistics Institute (INE), assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Fisheries, through its Study, Planning and Statistics Offices and with the respective provincial and municipal structures.