[Angola] Kwanza Norte government delivers 40 tractors to businessmen to bolster farming activities
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Forty tractors and their implements have been delivered to eight businessmen in Luínga, Ambaca municipality, by the governor of Kwanza Norte province, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, to support the agricultural sector in the region.

In addition to the tractors, delivered at the opening of the 2019/2020 agricultural campaign in the region, the governor also granted 20 plows to entrepreneurs, aimed at boosting agricultural activity and increasing production levels at the present time in the province.

Entrepreneurs acceded to the agricultural means through a public tender, promoted by the government of Kwanza Norte, for the establishment of eight brigades to support the peasants and farmers in the region.

With the delivery of these means, the provincial government intends to reverse the previous framework of land preparation made mostly by hand.

He clarified that in the past agricultural season, 46,232 hectares were cultivated, of which 44,544 were prepared by hand and only 1,680 in mechanized form. land, of which two thousand mechanized.

The Government of Kwanza Norte is considering introducing this year's traction land preparation system, a practice widely used in the south of the country, the results of which have been encouraging to enable local peasants to increase their cultivation areas.

According to the head of the provincial department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forest, José Augusto, expects in the present agricultural campaign, the participation of 34 thousand, 231 peasant families and 178 farmers.

He explained that from the total of these families, 21,500 will be included in the Rural Extension and Development Program (PEDR), 12,743 in the Agricultural Promotion Program, 284 in the former military reintegration package and 1,500 in the combat program. hunger and poverty implemented by the non-governmental organization ADPP.

He said that the province expects to harvest 514,132 tons of miscellaneous products, including 431,000 and 300 million manioc, 38,872 corn, 27,600 sweetpotato and 11,590 vegetables, 1,770 peanuts, while common and basking beans, as well as reindeer potatoes, among others, will have yields of less than three thousand tons each.

 José Augusto stated that 30 tons of maize for seed, equal quantities of beans and 64.8 tons of fertilizers will be distributed in this campaign, as well as hoes, catanas, limes among other instruments whose quantities he did not specify.

The activity will have the technical support of 29 rural extension workers distributed in the 10 municipalities of the province, to assist peasant families.

Similarly, about 182 community leaders will be trained in the municipalities of Cazengo, Cambambe and Lucala.