[Angola] Government provides 50 tractors for agricultural mechanization
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Twenty tractors, out of 50 made available by the Government of Huambo province in Angola, have been distributed with their grids and implements, to two operators as a way to stimulate mechanized agricultural production, given the challenges of diversification economic.

The governor of Huambo province, Joana Lina, guided the act after the recent public tender, while the director of the Agriculture Office was responsible for signing the delivery agreement, signed by the companies AGRO-MECATEC and ANACAVA, as beneficiaries.

At the time, the official called for greater responsibility of the operators in the care of the means made available, so as to contribute to the relaunch of mechanized agriculture in the province, once considered the granary of Angola.

He said that these were five agricultural mechanization brigades that will have the responsibility of clearing the land and placing the region in the place it has always occupied in the national agricultural context, as Angola's main granary.

For his part, the head of the department of the Agrarian Development Institute (IDA) in this province, Victorino Chonguela, said that the 50 machines available will support the preparation of farmland and, at the same time, increase production areas, address the challenges of strengthening food security and economic diversification.

He said that agriculture is a complex activity and whose mechanized preparation is a sure bet to reduce the difficulties faced by peasants, starting with fertilizers, seeds and soil accidents, whose full work per hectare is estimated at 60,000. Kwanzas, 45,000 of which are subsidized by the authorities.

Victorino Chonguela reported that tractors are part of the whole preparation process, which in turn will contribute to increased harvesting and thus improve household welfare by earning more income.

For the 2019/2020 agricultural season, 414 thousand hectares of land were prepared, compared to the 381 thousand available in the previous season, an increase in production area, estimated at 2.5 percent, as part of the strategy of creating conditions for increased productivity.

Meanwhile, a harvest of around one million and 148 thousand tons of miscellaneous products is expected, with the objective of surpassing the previous campaign's production of one million and 115 thousand tons.

Thus, 1,228 tons of 12/24/12 fertilizers were distributed to 211,000 peasant families in the 11 municipalities.

Known in the past as the "Queen of the Corn of Angola", the province of Huambo, central plateau of Angola, has a population of two million, 519,330 inhabitants, mostly peasants, who make the agro-livestock potential the main source of income.

In the 11 municipalities of this province, in Angola's central highlands, there are 71,647 peasant associations and 14,939 cooperatives, in a universe of 247,181 families.