Informal food markets offer diverse food products and crucial livelihood opportunities in Zambia, study

11-26-2019 | 12:39:00
A new study by IIED shows that informal markets play a critical role in providing affordable, accessible and diverse food for the urban poor, while at the same time supporting the livelihoods of millions of small-scale farmers, traders and vendors.

[Uganda] Countries celebrate South-South Cooperation, innovative partnerships for tackling food insecurity and poverty

11-26-2019 | 09:43:00
Through South-South Cooperation, countries across the global South are successfully exchanging technical expertise and building innovative partnerships, which if strengthened, can continue to play a crucial role in the achievement of the SDGs.

FAO develops new tool to help local crop varieties flourish

11-25-2019 | 09:31:30
Farmers rely on seed systems for access to high-quality, disease-free planting material at the start of the season.

Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria targets four million farmers with an insurance package

11-22-2019 | 12:00:00
An innovative insurance package for small-holder farmers has been unveiled by Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria and a pan-African agricultural insurance advisory firm, Pula.

One Acre Fund and Western Seed Company target Rwanda farmers with locally produced hybrid maize

11-22-2019 | 09:30:00
2017, as Thomas Mbonihankuye remembers it, was “a very disorganised year.” His farming community, Rusizi in western Rwanda, along with others across the country, experienced a devastating harvest.

HarvestPlus Uganda partners with BioInnovate to develop ICT platform for certifying sweet potato vines

11-22-2019 | 07:35:00
HarvestPlus Uganda has been collaborating with the BioInnovate Africa project and the Ministry of Agriculture,to develop an ICT platform for certifying vitamin A orange sweet potato vines.

AfDBs maize, rice and soybean project points Ghana farmers to more income

11-22-2019 | 07:27:00
Tahiru Ibrahim says he made his fortune off shea nut trees on his savannah land in Ghana’s northern region.

South Africa records increased nut production on rising global demand

11-21-2019 | 14:08:00
South Africa's diverse climatic conditions are suited to the production of most nuts, including groundnuts (peanuts) and tree nuts.

COMESA invests in cassava SMEs to boost the crops competitiveness

11-21-2019 | 10:07:00
COMESA is implementing a Cassava cluster programme to enhance competiveness of cassava SMEs through building their capacity for integration in intra and regional trade.

African Union Agriculture Ministers push for biofortification as a food-based nutrition strategy

11-21-2019 | 10:05:00
In a key step forward for biofortification in Africa, agriculture ministers of the 55-nation African Union (AU) have recommended to their heads of state to officially endorse this food-based nutrition strategy.

Scientists uncover origins of worlds deadliest strain of cereal rust disease threatening global food security

11-21-2019 | 08:53:00
Researchers from Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, together with partners in the US and South Africa have solved a 20-year-old mystery by establishing the origin of a deadly wheat pathogen which threatens global food security.

Global treaty critical for saving disappearing plants amid climate change, FAO

11-21-2019 | 08:27:00
As a public good that benefits the global community, crop diversity must remain a legacy for generations to come, FAO's Deputy Director-General for Climate and Natural Resources, Maria Helena Semedo has said.

ICRISAT researchers develop breeding protocol that creates new varieties of chickpea in half-time

11-20-2019 | 14:32:00
ICRISAT’s chickpea researchers have developed a breeding protocol that holds the potential to create new varieties of chickpea in half-time.

[South Africa] Burgeoning Moringa industry could become bigger than Cocoa, stakeholders

11-20-2019 | 12:39:00
Moringa stakeholders believe that the industry has the potential to surpass the cocoa industry, as cocoa is used mainly in chocolate and coffee, while the Moringa plant is regarded as super food with many uses.

Growing food demand, weather changes drive global herbicide market, report

11-20-2019 | 11:44:51
The global herbicide market is expected to register a growth of 2.16 percent between 2019 and 2024 according to a new report by Research and Markets.