New international partnership to identify, develop resistance to wheat disease

01-15-2020 | 14:39:00
The CGIAR Research Program on Wheat (WHEAT) partnered with Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS) in China to open a new screening facility for the Fusarium head blight wheat disease.

AFGRI Technology Services partners with Aerobotics to avail latest tech to South Africa farmers

01-15-2020 | 12:40:47
AFGRI Technology Services AFGRI has partnered with Aerobotics to bring the latest technology to a broader section of South Africa’s farmers.

[Benin] Sensory profiles help cassava breeders develop desirable new varieties

01-15-2020 | 12:37:43
Detailed and descriptive profiles of different kinds of gari in Benin have been established through work under the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

[Liberia] EU delegation partners with Solidarid West Africa to implement Cocoa value chain programme

01-15-2020 | 08:42:39
The EU Delegation in Liberia has signed a new partnership agreement with Solidaridad West Africa to implement the Cocoa Value Chain Development Programme in Liberia.

Roots, tubers and bananas key ingredients of a more sustainable food future, report

01-15-2020 | 08:35:00
A new report from the World Resources Institute points to ways in which roots, tubers and bananas are important ingredients of future food security.

[Ghana] Asawaba Farm works with outgrowers to increase uptake of improved seeds

01-15-2020 | 08:32:00
Access to quality seed remains a big challenge for farmers in Africa. With increasing drought situations and deteriorating soil quality improving access to seed of climate-smart varieties is part of the solution.

Biofortified crops improve farmers’ livelihoods in Zimbabwe

01-15-2020 | 08:22:00
Steven Seremwe, who is 57 years old, was retrenched from his job as an administrator at Lake Shore Missions in 2012.

FarmMate app targets Africa and Middle East farmers with agronomic support

01-14-2020 | 08:34:00
FarmMate, the first digital app specifically designed for farmers is now available in Africa and the Middle East with updated product information, agronomic advice and New Holland news tailored to the market.

Malawi launches $95 million Agriculture Commercialization Project

01-14-2020 | 08:22:00
President Peter Mutharika has officially launched the $95m Agriculture Commercialization Project (AGCOM) project in Malawi.

Ethiopia looks to modern farming to boost sector’s output

01-14-2020 | 08:09:00
Ethiopia’s agricultural sector is the bedrock of the economy, employing more than 70 percent of the workforce, accounting for more than a third of GDP, and serving as the country’s largest earner of foreign exchange.

GCB Bank invests $66 million in Ghana’s agricultural sector

01-13-2020 | 13:45:00
GCB Bank has invested $66m in Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Solynta and Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board extend potato seeds partnership

01-13-2020 | 13:42:00
Solynta and the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) have announced an expansion in their collaboration.

[Angola] Agostinho Neto Cooperative receives tractors from government to boost agricultural production

01-13-2020 | 13:37:00
The Agostinho Neto Cooperative has received three tractors and their implements from the Government to increase the extension of cultivation areas and agricultural production.

OPEC Fund invests $20 million in Burkina Faso’s Agricultural Value Chain Support Project

01-13-2020 | 13:33:00
The Director-General of the OPEC Fund for International Development, the OPEC Fund, Dr Abdulhamid Alkhalifa has signed a $20 million development loan to help finance Burkina Faso’s Agricultural Value Chain Support Project.

Global agricultural machinery market to reach $391 billion by 2027, research

01-10-2020 | 15:19:00
The global agricultural machinery market reached $202.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $391.15 billion by 2027, by registering an annual growth of 7.82 per cent across the globe.