[Interview] Kyei Faried Owura, Founder, Edwa Global Company, Ghana
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Kyei Faried Owura is the brains behind Edwa Global Company, a Ghana based startup revolutionizing food purchase online in the local and international markets while creating jobs for farmers and players across the value chain, enhancing food security for all and protecting the environment in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tell us a bit about Edwa Global Company

 Edwa Global Company limited’s main focus lies in providing modern retail channels for local and organic farm produce in Africa. Our vision is to contribute towards poverty eradication, job creation, food security and environmental protection that are vital towards achieving the sustainable developmental goals (SDG's) by the UN.

We have been working progressively towards building a trustworthy brand to ensure easy access to food for both local and urban communities. The organization also seeks to support farmers to produce quality crops to meet the needs of consumers. Restoring hope in locally produced food and creating awareness of the negative effects of GMO's remains critical for our success as a company.

Where is the company located?

We are in Accra, Ghana

How is the company funded?

Currently, the company is self-financed by the founders. We plan to sell shares before the close of the year. We have approached a few international companies for funds and are waiting patiently for a positive feedback.

What are your Edwa Global Company’s unique selling points?

In Ghana, just 2% of their internet population actually use the internet for e-commerce and less than 0.5% are into online retailing of food.

In a continent with e-commerce growth rate of 25.8%, Edwa E-commerce mobile Application plans to be the top brand for sales and delivery of local organic farm produce in Africa.

Edwa, an Akan word which simply means Market , is already making much progress and aspires to be one of Ghana's leading e-commerce organizations by the year 2019.

With a dedicated and optimistic team, Edwa Global Company plans to change the face of the food retail industry, whilst imparting the spirit of self-dependency into many Africans.

Who are your clients?

Our interest lies in satisfying and fulfilling the food needs of consumers. Our target is any person who has undergone basic education and is being paid for his /her services. We wish to satisfy the needs of all working class even the low income earners.

We believe an online market with affordable food prices will serve the needs of all especially busy workers and students with no food markets on their university campuses.

We are working hard in setting up retail centers close to residential areas to make food accessible to workers who are interested in touch and feel before purchase. This will also speed up delivery since we can satisfy clients’ orders with our closest retail shop.

What are the ambitions of the company?

With Accra, Ghana as the starting point, we plan to rise to bigger Cities such as Abuja, Cairo, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

 What is the latest news from your company?

Currently, our mobile application is ready and our company is fully registered. We are on the move to secure spaces for our retail shops and push publicity to a whole new level. To us, we have a lot of work to do.

To get over 1000 customers in a country with less than 100 people into online food retailing is a big challenge. Yet it is the reason why we established this company and must therefore work hard to change the situation.