[Interview] Ian Sendagala, CEO, eFoods Trade, Uganda
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Ian Sendagala is the CEO of eFoods Trade, an African online B2B marketplace connecting African foods to the global markets. The platform targets food importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers.

Tell us abit about E Foods Trade

eFoods Trade is Africa's online B2B Marketplace for Food Importers, Exporters, Distributors, and Manufacturers. A premium online gateway strategically positioning the African Foods into the global village. 

Why was it formed and to what extent has it achieved its purpose?

This platform was established when I sold FoodsForTrade.com an International B2B Foods portal. To Specfically plug the trade vaccum between African Foods and the Food Industry on the global stage. Consequently solving the rather poor food trade business between African countries (Intra-African Trade) which is  actually below 20% in comparison to other continents.

While Africa has been signficantly slow in embracing the platform, the international players have turned up vibrantly to do business with Africa. Which is a commendable achievement thus far and key accomplishment to make this a sucess.  

As an online network connecting food importers and exporters to the global stage, what would you say have been the emerging issues and trends in the recent past?

One of the major issues is the slow adptability for Africa to embrace ecommerce. Farmers all over Africa would remarkably benefit form this platform; and cut out third parties. However, they are quite lethargic about technology.

Secondly, like any ecommerce business, there’s immense concerns about fraudulent activities through our platform. The emerging trends are that all developed economies have leveraged on ecommerce for development; China (Alibaba, Dhgate, ECVV) US (Amazon, Ebay) Pakistan (TradeKey) Korea (EC21) India (eWorldTrade)  

How big is your reach?

Our portal is having over 1,000 users annually and still growing. Our top countries are India, USA, Egypt, France, Singapore, UAE, Turkey among others.

What is E Foods Trade bringing to online trading that isn’t present at the moment?

We are presenting a cohesive Pan African voice (platform) for the African foods industry.

A game-changing solution that will attract the world’s leading food players in the world to import and export with Africa. We are creating fundamental oppotunities for Africa to trade as a continent, plugging the vital leaks within the Intra-African trade system which would organically boost African economies.

What is your contribution to the growth of e-commerce?

The astonishingly enormous opportunities embedded in the efoods Trade portal shall by default attract the food industry players in Africa to embrace ecommerce.

What do you consider the biggest threat to your business?

Scams and other fraudulent related activities would highly destroy the business, considering the negative streotype about Africa. The slow and poor digital transformation in Africa is a critical concern as well.  

What kind of collaborations do you expect and need for E Foods Trade to succeed?

eFoods Trade is in search of  Pan African instuitions, AfCTA, ADB, AU,  private and corporate companies that are laser focussed on stimulating Agro (Intra-African Trade) in Africa. We are desirous about media partnerships to break the ignorance thats impeding Agricultural sucess in Africa.

We are calling upon Instutional and Private Investors to augment our platform to compete favourably with the industry giants.  We are seeking gorvenment partnerships for financial and technical support. To broaden our horizons, break the virtual firewalls sorrounding the Agro Trade business in Africa.

 Where are your plans moving forward?

Our plans moving forward are casting deeply into print media (Food Newsletters and Magazines) and erecting physical offices in various regions across the world. The ground presence is key in finding markets within Africa and beyond boarders.

What is the latest news from E Foods Trade ?

Our platform is constantly enriched to offer a cutting edge user experience, that would considerably compare with the million dollar platfroms. In addition to profling product directory, trade leads, etc we have now added Videos and Audio. You can comfortably upload a recent Video and Audio of your choice to explicitly exhibit your products and services. This is for the Verified (Premium) companies.

Who should contact your company, and why?

We are ready for business from all Food Importers, Exporters, Manufactureres, Distributors, Wholeslaers, Agents, and Food Brokers in Africa and all over the world. FREE! Company profile, product directory, trade leads, trade alerts, FREE selling and buying.

To any potential partners; corporate food companies, private instutions, media (Channels) companies, Angel/Equity investors, government, we are offering cross opportunities through our advertising spaces and  newsletters.