Seychelles tourism sector continues with upward trend
22-05-2017 09:54:58 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3816 | Tags:

According to Seychelles visitor arrivals statistics released by the statistical bureau, the number of visitors increased again in April to 36,016 from 31,918 in March 2017 an increase of 33.0% from April last year. The number of visitors stood at 27,122 in April 2016.

So far in 2017 (Jan to April) 122,469 people visited the Seychelles. This is 22.0% above the 2016 level. The report said that the average length of stay of these visitors was 9.3 nights compared to 9.6 nights in April 2016. About 95.0% of visitors in April were on holiday while the rest was on business or business combined with holiday.

Visitors from Africa to the Seychelles increased from 3,214 in March 2017 to 3,924 in April 2017. The total up to date for 2017 (Jan to April) amounted to 11,936 visitors. Overall, the number of visitors from Europe increased by 22% in 2017 compared to 2016. So far 77,811 people from Europe has visited the country in 2017 of which 23,988 were in April 2017.

The report said that during April 2017, 99% of the non-transit visitors arrived by air transport and 1% by sea. Comparing April 2017 with the same period of 2016, non-transit visitors increased by 31% above the 2016 level and transit¹ visitors decreased by 390%.