[Zimbabwe] RioZim chooses Chinese group to design USD2.1bln power plant
09-29-2016 | 14:01:53
RioZim Ltd. chose a state-owned Chinese company to design a US$2,1 billion power plant it plans to build in Zimbabwe, which faces frequent blackouts, and is lobbying South Africa’s electricity utility to buy from the facility to help attract investors.

Egypt Announces Progress on Cuts to Costly Fuel Subsidies
09-29-2016 | 13:09:00
Two years after launching a concerted effort to sharply reduce subsidy programs that had proven unsustainable to the country’s government, Egypt has announced significant progress in the reduction effort, reporting a 28.7% drop in spending during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

[Nigeria] IFC partners with DFID to accelerate solar power
09-29-2016 | 12:43:33
IFC collaborates with UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) to assist with solar systems in commercial and industrial sectors of Nigeria.

[Kenya] KCB resumes lending on mobile money platform, cuts interest rate
09-29-2016 | 12:19:00
Kenya Commercial Bank has resumed lending on the KCB Mpesa mobile banking product, effectively boosting the lender’s financial technology agenda.

Urgent need for leadership development in Uganda as investment booms
09-29-2016 | 12:00:34
Sub-Saharan Africa will, over the next few decades, attract the highest rates of foreign direct investment inflows per capita of any developing region, according to a report by PWC. Many new businesses are expected to start up and grow as a result of this investment.

[Column] Wayne Troughton, CEO, HTI Consulting: Positive Growth Forecast for East African Hospitality Sectors
09-29-2016 | 15:03:00
“East Africa is expected to deliver the strongest real GDP growth in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next decade, according to BMI Research,” says Wayne Troughton, CEO of specialist global hospitality and tourism consultancy, HTI Consulting.

[Column] Schalk Nolte, CEO Entersekt: Why fintech has created a golden moment of opportunity for savvy banks
09-28-2016 | 14:59:00
Consumers are faced with an ever growing risk of falling victim to identity theft and cybercrime. Can banks step in as a digital custodian?

[Column] Njeri Rionge: Kenya, your time is now
09-28-2016 | 12:02:00
As a proud Kenyan and champion of business opportunities in Africa, the optimistic chat on Twitter from last week’s US Africa Business Forum in New York popped up on my radar.

[Column] Maria Auma: So you think you can import? (Pt 1)
09-27-2016 | 13:49:00
I recently joined the highly capital intensive and somewhat prestigious industry of importation. I must advise anyone even remotely interested in taking that leap of faith to carry out in depth research into the kind of market they are entering and explore every point in their value chain.

Crowdfunding gains momentum in Africa
09-26-2016 | 15:18:00
Community-based financial solidarity and fundraising are an integral part of the African culture and traditions. Across Africa, communities are accustomed to pooling funds to support various charity-focused, social and economic local projects.