Egypt, Saudi Arabia ink power deal
08-24-2016 | 07:34:00
The Egyptian parliament has given a nod to an agreement connecting power grid between the country and Saudi Arabia, cementing their long economic ties.

Kenya Airways enters road transport with new shuttle buses
08-24-2016 | 07:28:40
Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways has diversified its business by unveiling shuttle buses that will ferry passengers from the central business district in Nairobi to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at a cost of $10.

Ethiopia cements economic ties with Turkey with $13.5 million salt manufacturing plant
08-24-2016 | 07:22:51
Ethiopia and Turkish deal that mulled creation of a salt manufacturing industry has come to fruition with the establishment of a $13.5 million plant covering 50,000 square meters at the Afar regional state in Northern Ethiopia

Egypt readies for end in fuel subsidies, 65 per cent price increase
08-24-2016 | 07:10:00
Egypt has announced that it will end fuel subsidies in three years following a staff level agreement of a loan with the International Monetary Fund.

Ethiopia addresses aviation sector bottlenecks with first independent charter
08-24-2016 | 07:05:23
The Africa Business Aviation Association has launched a first of its kind independent charter in Ethiopia addressing opportunities and challenges in the aviation industry while reviewing the overall status of the aviation industry in Ethiopia

[Column] Martha Chauke: Is South Africa worth your investment?
08-23-2016 | 12:32:00
Developing countries like South Africa need FDI (foreign direct investment). They are investments in a business by an investor from another country for which the foreign investor has control over the company purchased.

[Column] Dewald Nolte: Five tips for designing African digital banking experiences that score with the young and old
08-19-2016 | 12:37:00
As mobile internet connectivity grows, African youth is fast embracing the opportunity to connect, converse and transact on the web.

[Interview] Princess Onitilo, Founder, Tress Free, UK
08-18-2016 | 10:36:00
Born in South East London to a Sierra Leonean mother and Nigerian father, Princess Onitilo graduated with honours from Warwick University with a degree in Law and Sociology. And then her entrepreneurial spirit led her down a different path with the launch of Tress Free.

Nigeria’s Smartphone Users Spend 193minutes on Device Daily
08-17-2016 | 10:16:00
A new report has shown that an average smartphone user in Nigeria spends about 193 minutes on the device, either browsing, texting or making calls daily.

[Column] Chris Green: BREXIT and African Union relationships and future
08-17-2016 | 09:23:00
Financially it seems that Brexit has created the possibility of some form of economic changes in Africa. The African Union (AU) leaders have met to analyse the impact of this event and of course look at ways toward an even bigger continental integration of the continent and ways to benefit from this momentous event.