World Bank calls for $16bn to help Africa weather the effects of climate change
11-26-2015 | 11:25:00
The World Bank has devised a $16bn (£10.6bn) strategy designed to help Africa adapt to climate change and prevent millions of people from sliding into poverty.

Ogoni youths graduate from Shell-sponsored training for farmers
11-26-2015 | 11:15:00
The youths from the four local government areas in Ogoniland - Tai, Khana, Gokana and Eleme - received the four-week training at the Songhai Farm at Bunu-Tai, where they learnt vital skills in fishery, cassava production and poultry farming.

LAPO Microfinance Bank Secures N2.4billion AfDB Loan
11-26-2015 | 11:08:00
The African Development Bank Group, AfDB, has granted a N2.364 billion ($12 million) credit facility to Nigeria’s LAPO Microfinance Bank Ltd. The bank, in a statement,on Wednesday, November 25, said the loan agreement was to support inclusive growth in the country.

[Nigeria] Ondo State Govt Partners Korean Firm to Boost Power Supply
11-26-2015 | 11:03:00
The Ondo State Government has reached a contractual agreement for the construction of a 1050 megawatt (mw) independent power project (IPP) with a South Korea firm, POSCO E&C.

[Nigeria] FirstBank Promotes Food Economy Initiative
11-26-2015 | 10:32:00
Given the economic diversification in the face of dwindling oil revenue, a lot of attention has been given to the business of food, the very crux of the nation’s economy before the oil boom.

Essential Medicines: Do your patients really have access to them?
11-24-2015 | 15:56:00
As you know with a rise in the government’s control over pricing in pharma and a lack of communication between stakeholders, patients don’t get the drugs they need.

Chioma Nnani: Business in Nigeria - Perception and Reality
11-24-2015 | 11:42:00
One of the amazing things about business ownership in Nigeria is the perception that folk have. OK, make that the perceptions. Plural. But for this blog post, we'll focus on one area.

Kayode Jesuseun: “I want to buy property in Nigeria. Now what?”
11-23-2015 | 12:33:00
One of the biggest factors in buying property at a great deal is to ask the right questions. Asking relevant questions from the agent or the property owner could save you millions of naira or make you avoid buying a property with litigations and/or committed property.

Harriman Oyofo: Your Business is Hemorrhaging Money
11-19-2015 | 12:09:00
Your Business is Hemorrhaging Money... And you don’t know why it’s happening. Well, not surprising. Plenty of businesses are in the same boat because they simply do not see the big picture.

[Interview] Carmie Olowoyo, General Manager, Symbol Base Metals, UK
11-17-2015 | 11:54:00
Carmie Olowoyo is general manager of Symbol Base Metals UK, and a panelist during a session on “Infrastructure and transport requirements for mining in Nigeria” at the upcoming iPAD Nigeria Mining Forum.