Mozambique moves to combat deforestation
11-27-2015 | 14:49:35
Mozambique’s Land, Environment and Rural Development Minister Celso Correia has approved a series of measures to halt the deforestation which has seen country losing 219,000 hectares of forest every year largely due to the conversion of forests into agricultural land and to the unsustainable production of woodfuels

MFS Africa inks global partnership with Vodafone
11-27-2015 | 12:03:16
MFS Africa announced a framework agreement with Vodafone, expanding the partnership between the multinational mobile operator and the African financial services provider.

Broll Ghana hosts West Africa Property Investment Summit 2015
11-27-2015 | 11:39:31
Mr Kofi Ampong, Chief Executive Officer of Broll Ghana Limited, property managers, has described the inaugural West Africa Property Investment Summit 2015, as the milestone in the development of business in Ghana and Nigeria.

Union Bank Appoints New Chairman
11-27-2015 | 11:11:00
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (Union Bank) has appointed Mr. Cyril Odu as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

[Zimbabwe] Technomag Launches Young Achievers Tech Awards
11-26-2015 | 12:29:00
TECHNOMAG, Zimbabwean based Tech Magazine in-conjunction with the Ministry of ICT Postal and Courier services is announcing its inaugural launch of Young Achievers Tech Awards (YATA), which recognizes the young and upcoming tech players in Zimbabwe.

Maria Auma: Nailing the Elevator Pitch Pt.1
11-26-2015 | 12:00:00
Imagine you are in a shopping arcade; say one of the Nakumatt retail outlets and you are just about done with the cashier when you spot a former workmate with his family walking in your direction and towards the exit. You just set up your company a few months ago and are actively seeking out new clients.

Essential Medicines: Do your patients really have access to them?
11-24-2015 | 15:56:00
As you know with a rise in the government’s control over pricing in pharma and a lack of communication between stakeholders, patients don’t get the drugs they need.

Chioma Nnani: Business in Nigeria - Perception and Reality
11-24-2015 | 11:42:00
One of the amazing things about business ownership in Nigeria is the perception that folk have. OK, make that the perceptions. Plural. But for this blog post, we'll focus on one area.

Kayode Jesuseun: “I want to buy property in Nigeria. Now what?”
11-23-2015 | 12:33:00
One of the biggest factors in buying property at a great deal is to ask the right questions. Asking relevant questions from the agent or the property owner could save you millions of naira or make you avoid buying a property with litigations and/or committed property.

Harriman Oyofo: Your Business is Hemorrhaging Money
11-19-2015 | 12:09:00
Your Business is Hemorrhaging Money... And you don’t know why it’s happening. Well, not surprising. Plenty of businesses are in the same boat because they simply do not see the big picture.