[Interview] Kayode Olusola Lawal, CEO, Associate Box

02-09-2017 | 14:47:00
Kayode Olusola Lawal is CEO of Associate Box, a digital marketplace for African techies. Africabizz interviews him:

[Column] Ndiritu Muriithi: The vital role of SMEs in job creation and economic growth

02-09-2017 | 13:31:00
Contrary to popular thinking, the informal sector in Kenya, commonly known as jua kali employs more people than the formal sector.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: The potential for mobile learning in Ivory Coast

02-09-2017 | 11:14:00
M-learning enables mobile phone users to access online courses (including free courses such as MOOC) and gain qualifications remotely via their smartphones.

[Column] Duncan Mutembani: Steps to great business leadership in Africa

02-09-2017 | 11:08:11
Despite some tough challenges, sub-Saharan Africa should see growth of 2.9% this year and 3.8% in 2018, according to a report by the World Bank.

[Interview] Erick Ngala, Managing Partner, Priority Activator Consulting

02-03-2017 | 07:08:14
Erick Ngala wears many hats. He is the Managing Partner at Priority Activator Consulting, a company that offers bespoke business advisory services to help African SMEs and corporate with an aim to maximize their business performance

[Column] Bob Koigi: Key lessons for businesses during national elections

02-03-2017 | 06:48:00
This year five African countries go to the polls. To some like Kenya, the run up to the general election is being characterized by high octane politics. But talking to a couple of business people in a forum the other day, the mood is that of fear, anxiety and uncertainty

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: Is Kenya really an M-Learning Paradise?

02-02-2017 | 12:15:00
M-learning, or 'Mobile Learning', has become increasingly popular in recent years with students participating in courses from all around the globe.

[Column] Chioma Nnani: Your 90-day plan to a richer 2017

01-31-2017 | 15:38:45
I stopped making New Year resolutions some years ago. I'm one of those If you think something is wrong, why wait till a new year to try and fix it? kinda people.

[Column] Olumayowa Okediran: Banning Rice Importation in Nigeria is a wrong move. Here's Why

01-31-2017 | 07:30:00
The Federal Government of Nigeria’s plan to ban rice importation in the country by 2017 is ill-advised and would eventually backfire on its increasingly dire economy.

[Column] Schalk Nolte: Key lessons for African banks pursuing mobile innovation in 2017

01-30-2017 | 10:50:59
At the start of a new year fraught with uncertainty on many levels, leaders in the local banking and financial spheres are looking to gain any competitive advantage they can.

Dutch Design Mission Uganda

01-30-2017 | 08:54:00
Design Hub Kampala and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda organize the first Dutch Design Mission from 12 to 17 February 2017

[Column] Bob Koigi: Internet is king for Africa’s small businesses

01-27-2017 | 07:35:00
As small businesses look for cheaper ways of running business while earning bigger revenues, marketing is becoming an integral part of their business. But the prohibitive cost of traditional marketing is now seeing them court new age marketing tools and they are reaping from them.

[Column] Willy Bett: Set for Take off – Kenya’s agriculture sector ready for increased investments

01-25-2017 | 16:24:00
Last September in Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted the largest ever annual gathering of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) at which he delivered a blunt assessment of Africa’s economic future. “The transformation of Africa,” he said, “will only work if we transform agriculture.”

[Column] Ndiritu Muriithi: Need for information technology knowledge for small businesses

01-25-2017 | 10:17:51
Kenya has taken a leap towards recognition of the importance of the informal sector by publishing the first comprehensive survey on the industry.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: M-Learning in Senegal

01-25-2017 | 07:45:00
The use of m-learning - education disseminated and accessed by means of mobile devices such as smartphones - is one exciting potential way to boost the Senegalese education system.

African tech startups funding rises 17% in 2016; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya most popular investment destinations

01-24-2017 | 11:12:00
A report released today by Disrupt Africa, Disrupt African Tech Start Up Funding Report, showed that 146 startups from across the African continent raised $129,133,200 in funding over the course of 2016.

[Interview] Dr. Urenna Onyewuchi, General Chair, 2016 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference

01-23-2017 | 12:00:00
Urenna Onyewuchi is Chair of the IEEE PES Power Africa Steering Committee and the Chair of 2016 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference. She leads a team of experienced PES members in steering IEEE PES activities in Africa, including the conference coming up in Ghana this year in June.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Why paying taxes matter to businesses

01-20-2017 | 06:17:57
Taxation is perhaps one of the most frowned at concepts in small businesses, with the reasons being many and varied. To start with, it is perhaps one of the least understood concepts in modern Kenya and Africa,

[Interview] Jeffery Wilson, founder JW Show, Kenya

01-19-2017 | 14:17:00
Jeffery Wilson is a Kenyan fashion entrepreneur who has built a name and business around bringing like minded entrepreneurs to celebrate the art of couture through his JW Fashion show.

PwC’s 20th annual survey of CEOs worldwide shows rise in confidence despite new risks and uncertainty

01-19-2017 | 11:31:40
Just over one-third (33%) of South African CEOs are very confident of their company’s own growth in the next 12 months, 4 points down on last year, and 5 points below this year’s global average (38%).