Digital IQ for African companies track global averages, but South Africa is at risk of falling behind: PwC report

05-26-2017 | 12:18:00
Most organizations around the world have not done enough to keep up with the digital era, and leadership is falling short, with many chief executives not yet fully engaged in the initiatives of digital transformation.

Sudan’s Agribusiness Indicators on the Rise - World Bank

05-25-2017 | 09:48:59
The World Bank, in partnership with Sudan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has launched the 2017 Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) report.

Africa remains world’s second-fastest growing region - AfDB

05-25-2017 | 09:40:00
In 2016, Africa as a whole maintained its position as the world’s second-fastest growing economies behind South Asia.

[Kenya] Standard Chartered announces quarter one results

05-25-2017 | 06:17:00
Standard Chartered has announced a pretax profit of $30 million for the first quarter of 2017.

Nigeria faces prospects of fragile economic recovery in 2017, World Bank

05-23-2017 | 12:51:04
Nigeria can build on the oil-driven economic recovery anticipated for it in 2017 by strengthening its macroeconomic policy framework according to World Bank.

MBA retains pole position as post-grad choice for Africa execs - Jack Hammer

05-23-2017 | 12:36:46
Top African leaders outside of South Africa overwhelmingly still opt for pursuing an MBA, counter to local trends which are increasingly seeing senior executives opt for other post-graduate qualifications.

Seychelles tourism sector continues with upward trend

05-22-2017 | 11:54:58
According to Seychelles visitor arrivals statistics released by the statistical bureau, the number of visitors increased again in April to 36,016 from 31,918 in March 2017 an increase of 33.0% from April last year. The number of visitors stood at 27,122 in April 2016.

IMF seeks strong policy measures for Sub Saharan Africa's fragile outlook

05-22-2017 | 11:51:18
The IMF latest Sub-Saharan Africa regional outlook report stated that growth in the region remains fragile. Real GDP growth for about two-thirds of SSA countries, accounting for 83.0% of regional GDP, slowed in 2016 - clearly SSAs worst performance in more than two decades.

Kenya’s emerging affluent missing out on a potential 42 per cent uplift in savings

05-22-2017 | 10:53:58
Emerging affluent consumers in Kenya could boost their savings by an average of 42 per cent if they move from a basic savings approach to a low-risk wealth management strategy, a study by Standard Chartered shows. The emerging affluent are consumers who are earning enough to start saving – and investing – and that’s what makes them a crucial engine of economic growth.

Africans moved more freely in 2016, second Africa Visa Openness Index

05-22-2017 | 10:49:04
The African Development Bank, in collaboration with the African Union Commission and the World Economic Forum have launched the second edition of the Africa Visa Openness Index.

Ethiopia consumer inflation edging upwards, index

05-19-2017 | 16:50:32
Latest figures from Ethiopia Central Statistical Agency’s inflation report showed that year-on-year inflation rose to 8.6% in April 2017 from 8.5% in March 2017. On a month-on-month basis overall CPI however came down from 2.0% in March to 1.6% in April 2017.

Algeria industries record mixed performance

05-19-2017 | 12:21:21
Algeria National Office of Statistics said that the country’s industrial production increased by 0.8% in 2016 quarter four from 0.6% the same quarter a year ago. Statistics showed that the average rate of 1.3% for 2016 is slightly lower than the average 2015 rate of 1.8%.

More inclusive growth and youth employment within reach for Morocco, report

05-15-2017 | 10:23:05
Morocco has an opportunity in the years ahead to boost economic growth and job creation, especially for young people, and to catch up even faster with developed economies by investing in its human capital, modernizing the economy and improving the performance of public institutions.

Competitiveness boost urgently needed to meet Africa's demographic challenges, report

05-12-2017 | 11:12:06
Without urgent action to address stagnating levels of competitiveness, Africa's economies will not create enough jobs for the young people entering the job market, a new report says.

Impact of coffee initiative still felt in Rwanda and Ethiopia, five years after completion, study

05-11-2017 | 13:50:00
The impact of TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative with smallholder farmers in Rwanda and Ethiopia has persisted five years after the project’s completion, states an independent evaluation just released from consulting firm IPE Triple Line.

Africa presents a mixed foreign direct investment picture - EY Africa Attractiveness report

05-03-2017 | 09:33:00
According to EY’s latest Africa Attractiveness report, heightened geopolitical uncertainty and “multispeed” growth across Africa present a mixed FDI picture for the continent.

[Column] Brett Parker: Between East & West, Africa's economic transformation will create a third centre of global power

04-19-2017 | 12:06:00
What a difference a century makes. If we stepped back in time to a hundred years ago we'd find a primitive China; a Middle East that had yet to discover the riches of oil and most of Southeast Asia consisted of countries that were barely distinguishable from medieval societies.

Casablanca and Nairobi rank leading destinations for Fortune 500 companies establishing international headquarters

04-18-2017 | 11:44:00
The Middle East Africa (MEA) region has become increasingly important for the majority of global Fortune 500 companies, according to a new report released by Infomineo, a global business research company specialising in Africa and the Middle East.

Powering Africa's Transformation - Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote, Carlos Lopes

04-14-2017 | 09:34:00
Africa has a bright future ahead of it. Productivity and growth will improve as African economies continue to place more emphasis on services and manufacturing, pursue commodity production, and achieve quick gains in agriculture and light industry.

Economic growth in East Africa remains strong despite drought - Report

04-14-2017 | 09:17:00
East Africa's economy has continued to grow despite the adverse effects of drought being felt across the region according to ICAEW's (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) latest report.

[Column] Jaco Lotz: Growth in middle class drives private education boom in Africa

04-04-2017 | 14:38:00
Private universities and schools are mushrooming across Africa, as parents increasingly seek a quality education for their children outside of the state offering - a move which is largely attributable to the rapid growth of the middle class on the continent.

The Global Gig Economy and its Implications for African Digital Workers - Professor Mark Graham

03-27-2017 | 11:18:24
Oxford professor Mark Graham, addressing the 4th UNI Africa Conference in Dakar, Senegal, warned of the danger of ‘parasitic capitalism’ where digital companies give little back to the places where they are embedded and platform workers are left to fend for themselves.

[Column] Mariam Abdullahi: Africa’s mobile revolution: strategic focus areas for telcos in 2017

03-24-2017 | 05:55:22
Despite on-going economic challenges and some tricky regulatory issues, Africa is fast approaching the 1bn mobile subscriptions landmark. The continued rollout of 3G and 4G networks, as well as an influx of low-cost smartphone

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: Edtech - A growth area for Africa

03-20-2017 | 10:44:58
EdTech is the use of digital education technology to facilitate teaching and learning. It’s a rapidly expanding sector with enormous potential. Providers around the world are now incorporating education technology into their delivery strategies.

[Interview] Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, CEO Jack Hammer, South Africa

03-07-2017 | 12:42:00
CEO of South African executive search firm Jack Hammer, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, discusses the growing shift from expat hire to local executive leadership in African organizations.

Samsung emerges Africa’s most admired brand

03-06-2017 | 10:59:26
African Business magazine in partnership with Brand Africa, Brand Finance, GeoPoll and Kantar TNS has released the results of the Top 100 brands in Africa.